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These are tough, tough times for Mackenzie McKee.

Actually, we should probably use the word “tough” a few more times there, because Mackenzie is really going through it these days.

First, Mackenzie got fired from MTV in the most embarrassing way possible.

When execs decided to merge Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 into one new hybrid show, they simply didn’t contact Mackenzie to offer her a chance to participate.

Mackenzie McKee on TikTok (header image)

She eventually got the message when she found out that the other moms had already started filming.

And that certainly was not the end of Ms. McKee’s bad luck.

Last month, Mackenzie announced that she’s leaving her husband Josh … again.

Yes, Mackenzie and Josh have called it quits roughly 47 times before, but insiders say the marriage is really over for good this time.

It’s a bad time for an expensive divorce, of course, as Mackenzie and Josh were both earning big bucks from MTV.

(And if they’re anything like other Teen Mom stars, they probably haven’t been doing much saving.)

And the former couple’s financial situation took another unexpected turn for the worse this week.

Mackenzie McKee Dancing

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the tanning salon that was briefly owned by Mackenzie and Josh has officially closed its doors.

Yes, you have our condolences, residences of Sarasota, Florida, but you’ll now have to find somewhere to tan other than Beautifully Bronzed, located in some random strip mall.

Fortunately, you live in Florida, where you can tan at 40,000 other facilities, or literally just by stepping outside.

Anyway, the McKees just took the place over in February, so we think it’s safe to say the closure came about unexpectedly.

The timeline also supports the theory that Mackenzie was blindsided by her latest round of marital troubles.

After all, couples who are planning to get divorced don’t usually launch businesses together.

News of the closing comes directly from Mackenzie, who posted on Facebook in the hope that someone else would rent the place.

(In all likelihood, she and Josh signed a one-year lease, and the only way they can get out of it is by finding someone to take over the rent.)

“In operation for over 22 yrs, landlord wants to keep it an anchor salon in busy shopping plaza,” McKee wrote on Facebook.

Mackenzie noted that tanning booths and other operating equipment are already in place.

Mackenzie McKee: I Can't Get My Kids to School on Time! My Husband Is Useless!

“Just add your salon touch!” Mackenzie added. “DM me for details.”

So if you want to rent a piece of Teen Mom history, just slide into Mackenzie’s DMs and let her know you’re interested!

We’re sure she’d be happy to hear from you — especially you’re willing to help her get out of a contract!

Mackenzie McKee as a Teen Mom
Mackenzie McKee looks on in slight annoyance and/or confusion in this photo from a Teen Mom episode.

Yes, Mackenzie is having a very hard tine these days, and she probably needs all the support she can get.

But hey, the silver lining in all of this is that Mack’s life is more interesting than ever.

And if there’s one thing that could get her re-hired by her Teen Mom bosses, it’s a life on non-stop stress and tumult!