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In recent episodes of 90 Day Fiance, Emily Bieberly has learned surprising things about Kobe Blaise.

She did not know about his noble heritage on his father’s side. She also found out that he betrayed her trust.

Now pregnant with Baby #2, Emily admits that she has doubts, asking Kobe if he has any.

It’s the night before their wedding. Instead of voicing his own concerns, he lashed out and stormed off.

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Even wedding guests are often anxious before attending the event.

But that is nothing compared to how a bride and groom feel ahead of their big day.

In this sneak peek, however, Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise’s worries have less to do with weather and caterers and more to do with each other.

“All these things are just coming out of the woodwork,” Emily acknowledges in the video clip below.

“And I’m like, where are they coming from?” she admits.

Clearly, Kobe’s toxic friend Temperature’s influence has alarmed her — and understandably so.

“Like, knowing deep down you want to move to Ohio?” she asks.

That could be a red flag in any relationship.

“Like, I need to know these things,” Emily tells him. “And I don’t want to find out a year after marrying you.”

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Kobe feels offended by Emily’s concerns.

He even accuses her of insulting him by having these doubts before their wedding … even though his actions put them there.

“I’ve tried everything I can just to let her know that OK,” Kobe complains to the camera.

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“I’m yours and I love you and I want you,” Kobe continues while speaking to the confessional.

“But man, I’m not seeing myself take this s–t anymore,” he then expresses.

There seem to be some mixed signals at play.

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Kobe does, however, then make a very fair point about the sacrifices that he has made.

He left his family and friends and cultural comforts in Cameroon to move to a mid-sized town in Kansas to be with her.

After he has given up so much, Kobe feels very frustrated that she has lingering doubts.

“You’re getting married to someone you don’t fully trust,” Kobe points out.

He then asks Emily “does that make sense?”

Unhappy, he gets up and walks away … but he still has more to say.

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“I don’t know what to say right now,” Kobe admits.

“If you can’t trust me at the eve of our wedding, I cannot accept that,” he declares.

Walking off in the night, Kobe invites Emily to “F–k off.”

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Obviously, both Kobe and Emily have made numerous mistakes over the course of their relationship.

Emily has made impulsive choices and at times even been rude.

Though Kobe has been ruder — at least, as far as we have seen on screen — and crossed some lines, many fans are on his side.

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Whatever the reason for that preference (it’s misogyny and an edit catering to it), many hope that they can work things out.

But neither Kobe nor Emily seem to have changed much.

In fact, unlike other couples (like Kara and Guillermo), they don’t seem to understand that they need to change things if this relationship is going to work out.