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Please, Christeline Petersen.

Say the following report isn’t accurate.

Seeking Sister Wife fans got to know Peterson on Season 3 of this controversial reality show, as she not only joined the household run by Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden…

… she actually exchanged vows with Dimitri.

Peterson has filed for a divorce — and a restraining order.

She did so just over a year ago… after also accusing Dimitri of assault.

According to legal documents that were made public at the time, Peterson claims to have been a victim of abuse for nearly the entire time she was involved with the Snowdens.

Specifically, and very disturbingly, Peterson told authorities that Snowden woke her up one morning by “slamming my head into the headboard of the bed and he was yelling at me.”

Christeline Petersen
Christeline Petersen says Dimitri Snowden assaulted her and raped her. She made this accusation against the Seeking Sister Wife star.

Petersen also told the police that Dimitri was abusive during intercourse. She has alleged “he choked me during sex, even though I told him not to,” adding:

“The more I struggled the more he enjoyed it.”

We’re talking truly heinous stuff here.

Peterson said last year she suffered bruises, scratches and redness around her neck from these alleged attack by Dimitri Snowden.

Christeline Petersen on TLC
Christeline Petersen is pictured here on TLC. She was a cast member on Seeking Sister Wife and has claimed Dimitri Peterson abused her.

Thankfully, Peterson got out of this unhealthy relationship and quickly went into hiding.

But she since emerged via a handful of social media posts.

At one point, she simply thanked fans for their support.

More recently, though, Peterson has been posting stories that feature Marcus Epps and his family, who are featured on Seeking Sister Wife Season 4.

It’s clear Peterson has been paying attention to current episodes of the program.

For example, tLC fan account @90daythemelanatedway recently posted a reel featuring one of Christeline’s stories on Instagram… which featured (and tagged) Marcus.

He was cooking in the Epps family kitchen while Christeline seemingly filmed him.

More fans jumped in to comment that they had also noticed a pattern of the Epps family being front and center on Christeline’s social media.

With Epps and his two wives, India Rosser and Taryn Lindsey, on the lookout for yet another partner… might Peterson end up being that partner?

Viewers are petrified this may be the case.

From where does this fear emanate?

From the simple fact that almost no polygamous family is a healthy situation for any of the women involved in it.

But also from these apparent facts:

Epps has been connected to a murder.

He also has 10 kids.

He’s also been found guilty of domestic violence.

We understand Peterson may be a bit desperate to settle down and to find either true love or a man to support her. But Dimitri Snowden was not it.

And we seriously doubt Marcus Epps is it, either.