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Welp, TLC.

You almost did it.

You almost managed to cast a new season of Seeking Sister Wife without involving anyone allegedly involved in a serious crime or cover-up.

The controversial reality show was clearly trying to avoid scandal on Season 4 by NOT inviting Dimitri Snowden back as a featured player… considering he and his ex-partner have been accused of abuse and sexual assault by multiple women.

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But now we can’t help but wonder whether or not executives were familiar with the past of Marcus Epps when they asked him to come on board.

First, some personal background on the new star:

He has a wife named Taryn and a fiancee named India.

On the June 13 season premiere, viewers learned that Epps basically became a polygamist after he started cheating on Taryn, who told the camera on this opening episode:

“Marcus and I had been together for about 11 or 12 years. And Marcus was doing things that, you know, a married man probably shouldn’t do.”

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Marcus confessed to trying to juggle “five to 10 women” back then, prompting Taryn to separate from her spouse for about a year.

During this time apart, Marcus met India.

He then started talking to Taryn again and somehow managed to convinced both women that all three of them should just live together.

“I gave [the arrangement] like a month or two and so now, I know her and I like her,” Taryn said on air of how the throuple formed.

” So, when Marcus brought up the idea of polygamy to me, I felt that it kind of made sense for us.”

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Crazy, right? Especially with Marcus now trying to add yet another woman to his household?!?

And yet: This is not as crazy as the far more serious story/scandal surrounding Marcus Epps.

On October 25, 2020, there was a shooting at an after-hours night club in Cleveland.

Three people were reportedly shot by a man who was denied entry into the club by a bouncer, with one woman passing away from the injuries she sustained.

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As authorities learned upon investigating the incident, the building in which the shooting took place had been abandoned and condemned. It was technically owned by the state.

However, as the police digging continued, Taryn told the cops that she hosted the birthday party during which the shooting occurred — and Marcus then admitted to leasing the property.

Moreover, footage later emerged of Marcus helping to carry one of the victims out of the building.

The following image was taken from a police officer’s body camera on the scene:

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And here is a snippet from a local news report at the time:

Court records show the state foreclosed on the property three years ago, but the former owner is still making $1000 a month renting the building out to the “OCF group.”

According to an article in the News Herald, Euclid Councilman Marcus Epps lists his employer as the OFC group.

We compared the signature on the Woodhill Road lease, to Epps’s signature on his campaign finance statement on file with the state.

They appear to match. The OCF Group’s business license on file with the state lists Taryn Lindsey as the owner.

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Five months after the club shooting, Marcus — who served as a local councilman back then — got caught up in yet another scandal related to a property he was connected to.

On March 26, 2021, a 19-year-old woman suffered minor injuries after a house located in the 25000 block of Tungsten Avenue caught fire.

There was talk that the home in question violated certain housing code sections, but Epps told a 19 News that he was being set up.

“It’s all political, it’s all about at our next city council meeting I am trying to mandate body cameras by our officers,” Epps told the outlet two years ago.

“And the day before this search warrant was executed I was in the mayor’s office going in on them about a demolition project that started on Euclid Avenue and it is a catastrophe.”

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Epps — who ALSO owes over $12,000 in property taxes — was officially charged with multiple housing violations in January of this year.

So, there you have it. For now.

Sure looks like TLC has found another winner to whom it has given a salary and platform.

How shocking that someone with the personal history of Marcus Epps would turn out to be a bad guy and a possible criminal!