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Marcus Epps only recently joined the cast of Seeking Sister Wife Season 4.

The reality star and his wife, Taryn, came on board the latest version of this polarizing TLC reality program on the June 6 premiere, introducing themselves to viewers along with Marcus’ fiancee, India.

Yes, Epps has a spouse and a spouse-to-be.

But this isn’t an unusual situation for someone on a show called Seeking Sister Wife.

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There are a couple of other tidbits about Marcus Epps, however, that have caused viewers to take an extreme interest in the newbie.

For obvious example, he previously admitted to leasing an abandoned building in Ohio…. inside of which he used to host wild parties.

At one of these parties in 2020, one person was killed and three people were shot.

Epps was even caught on camera carrying away one of the victims.

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Crazy, right?!?

Epps has also been accused of owning a property that violated various parts of the housing code in Ohio and he allegedly owes over $12,000 in property taxes.

The TLC personality would have excuses and/or explanations for these many scandals.

But he’s been nothing but open, honest and proud about another unusual aspect of his personal life: Marcus Epps has 10 children.

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Following their debut on Seeking Sister Wife this month, Marcus, Taryn and India sat down for a live social media stream.

At one point, they were asked if they think show producers have thus far portrayed the trio in an accurate light.

“Are they trying to paint a different picture?” Marcus replied. “I don’t know. So far, everything’s looked pretty accurate.”

He then revealed the number of kids he’s helped procreate, something executives chose NOT to tease in any of the press releases for Seeking Sister Wife Season 4.

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“My children are all over the world…Most men out here in this lifestyle, they’re pimpin’ all over the world,” Epps said, apparently with a straight face.

“Not me. I’m chasing children all over the world! You hear me?

“But for real, shout out to all my babies that are in here [watching the live stream]. There may be some of them in here.

“Y’all know I love y’all. We love y’all.”

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Sounds like a totally stand-up individual, huh?!?

As for why TLC viewers were not alerted to the existence of these 10 kids before Season 4 premiered?

“They felt like it was too much to explain,” Taryn said during her family’s Q&A.

We’re not sure what there is to really explain, though.

Marcus Epps sounds like a womanizer and a deadbeat dad. Seems pretty straightforward.