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It’s been four years since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot in a lavish ceremony that was watched by a global audience of millions.

Meghan’s look was widely praised, and designers reported that brides all over the world requested similar gowns.

But when millions of people are offering up opinions about any situation, there are bound to be a few haters in the mix.

And Meghan received criticism from one very high-profile future neighbor of hers.

Two rivals of Montecito. (Photos via Getty)

Yes, these days, Meghan and Katy Perry are fellow residents of the wealthy California enclave of Montecito.

But it seems they won’t be meeting up for any 5 o’clock mommy juice sessions anytime soon.

That’s because Taylor Swift isn’t the only A-lister with whom Katy has bad blood.

Katy Perry for American Idol
Katy Perry on the red carpet for American Idol. (Photo via Getty)

According to a new report the Express from Meghan is “upset with her neighbor Katy Perry over a comment made about the Duchess’s wedding dress in 2018.”

It might be a little weird that Meghan is still mad four years later, but in fairness to the Duchess, Katy did throw some pretty serious shade.

“I would have done one more fitting,” Perry joked when asked about Meghan’s dress in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Royally Married!
Simply stunning, right? Meghan Markle stares into the eyes of Prince Harry in this photo of the beloved twosome. (Photo via Getty)

“I’m never not going to tell the truth! One more fitting, but I love you.”

At that point, Katy kicked things up a notch by declaring Kate Middleton the winner in the Kate vs. Meghan wedding wars.

“Kate, Kate, Kate won, Kate won!” Perty not-so-subtly chanted.

Katy Perry & Orland Bloom Melt Our Hearts
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom just stole our hearts as they took to the Red Carpet for the Amazon premiere of “Carnival Row.” (Photo via Getty)

It’s not hard to see why Meghan might still be harboring some ill will toward Katy.

But apparently, Perry’s longtime partner and baby daddy Orlando Bloom has managed to forge a friendship with the Sussexes.

“Orlando is very sympathetic towards Harry and Meghan and does reach out if he ever sees anything suspicious in the neighborhood,” one insider tells the Express.

Meghan Markle Forces a Smile
Meghan Markle is all smiles in this photo. Or all forced and sort of pretend smiles, we should write. (Photo via Getty)

Despite Bloom’s attempt at smoothing things over, it seems the tension between Meghan and Katy is so thick that their children have never met — and seemingly never will.

“The Duchess of Sussex and Perry are both mothers to one-year-old girls but the insider was quick to dismiss any notion of forthcoming playdates for the young children,” the Express reported.

“I would not expect to see Meghan and Katy carpooling to PTA meetings anytime in the future!” a source told the outlet.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Wedding Day
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared this wedding photo to celebrate the anniversary of when they got engaged. (Photo via Instagram)

All of this over a little joke about a wedding dress.

Of course, it was probably the comment about Kate “winning” the unspoken dress contest that really stuck in Meghan’s craw.

At that time, there was no way for Katy to know about the feud between the sisters-in-law, but she might forever be on the outs with Meghan as a result of her ill-considered remarks!

What a price to pay!