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On last week’s Southern Charm, we saw complicated boundaries between friends and exes.

A similar dynamic plays out off screen, too.

Madison LeCroy previously dated Austen Kroll. Now, Olivia Flowers is dating him.

It’s weird. And it’s getting worse.

Madison LeCroy and Olivia Flowers aren’t quite friends, aren’t quite enemies.

They’re friendly enough that Austen expressed discomfort over it on a recent episode.

But that doesn’t mean that they’re buddies, either.

The thing is, Austen literally cannot stop talking about Madison.

We get it. She’s a dramatic person, and they dated. They had a tumultuous relationship.

But if we put ourselves in Olivia’s shoes, we can understand how this would begin to wear her down.

This week, Olivia spoke to Us Weekly, calling Madison a “calculated” person.

“I don’t think much of her,” she then confessed.

Many of us have felt that way about one person or another. Especially about a partner’s ex.

Interestingly, Olivia also shared that she and Austen had reached a new milestone.

On the show, her romance with Austen has seemed to be trending down. To say the least.

However, this summer, the two began dating exclusively.

Madison LeCroy on Video
Madison LeCroy is conducting a video interview in this photo of the Southern Charm star.

Meanwhile, Madison has her own opinions.

She told E! News that she doesn’t have to tell anyone who Austen is.

His own actions speak for themselves, Madison points out.

Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll: It's Over!!!

“Austen’s dad said a comment like, ‘I’m glad it’s not you,'” Madison pointed out.

“Same, Tom — that’s his dad,” she replied.

Madison characterized that “your son is just not husband material.”

Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy
Southern Charm star Austen Kroll has been dating gorgeous girlfriend Madison Lecroy since the first half of 2018.

“He’s not even boyfriend material,” Madison declared.

“And,” she then observed, “I think we’ve seen that on Winter [House] and Summer House.”

In perhaps the weirdest Bravo promo in recent memory, Madison suggested that Olivia “should probably watch to see what she’s getting.” 

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Say what you will about Austen (and we will), but he is not unrealistic about his romance.

He and Olivia are clearly going through some things on screen, and it’s not all as simple as relationship arguments.

Austen teased as much in July.

Austen Kroll
Southern Charm star Austen Kroll is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is charismatic and a loyal friend, but he’s known to get stuck in a love triangle or two.

“There are certainly some ups and downs that you’re gonna see in the season,” Austen forecast earlier this summer.

“Not us fighting or anything,” he clarified at the time.

“But,” Austen explained, “me trying to figure out where my headspace is, to be totally honest.”

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Under more normal circumstances, we’d say that Madison has lingering feelings for Austen. And that Olivia feels threatened.

Then again, we’re not talking about ordinary people or circumstances. These are some very messy reality stars.

Sometimes, rising to Bravolebrity status involves being the type of person who lashes out over the slightest feeling of resentment.