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Earlier this week, Madison Prewett got engaged.

She announced via Instagram, and then via an extended interview with People Magazine, that she accepted a proposal from boyfriend Grant Troutt while the two were on vacation in Palm Beach, Florida.

How exciting, right?!?

Not to everyone, unfortunately.

Instead of receiving an endless array of well wishes on this joyful news from fans and followers, Prewett was met on Monday by a bunch of criticism from total strangers.

They were aghast that the former Bachelor suitor — who finished second on Peter Weber’s season of this reality show and then briefly dated the pilot after his engagement fell apart — agreed to marry someone she’s only known for nine months.

How can she be so sure about the guy after such a short period of time?!?

In response to this backlash, Katie Thurston has a simple message: STFU, people!

Thurston, the Season 17 Bachelorette, made the astute observation on Twitter that these same critics also tune in for this franchise and root for two people to fall in love… who barely know each other.

“Contestants get engaged after 6-8 weeks which really translates to even less time when you consider the actual time spent together,” Thurston pointed out on Twitter, adding of Prewett:

“You don’t get to cheer on leads but shit on Madi.

“Happy for her!”

Thurston makes a pretty great point, doesn’t she?

“Congratulations to finding love your own way! #TheBachelorette,” the former Bachelorette lead added.

Prewett, for her part, explained to People that Troutt took her by total surprise this past weekend when he showed up on a trip she had taken with her friends.

“Grant was waiting for me and led me out to the beach, where he had candles and flowers and a Bible with my new name on it,” Prewett told this publication of what transpired.

“And the ring of my dreams.”

Madison in Bed!

Concluded Madison on this romantic topic:

“He actually was supposed to come with me and my friends to Florida, but he got sick and wasn’t able to make it.

“I thought we were celebrating one of our friend’s birthdays.

“I was told we were taking birthday pictures on the beach and when I came down, my best friend led me into the bathroom where my mom and sisters were with the dress I wanted to get engaged in.”

“In that moment, I knew.”

The Bachelorette airs on ABC at 8/7c on Monday nights.