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Jinger Duggar stopped following her family’s rules a long time ago.

Specifically, she threw the infamous Duggar dress code out the window when she married Jeremy Vuolo back in 2016.

In case you’re somehow unfamiliar, the dress code is one of the many methods by which Jim Bob exerts control over the women in his life.

His daughters are required to dress in “modest attire” at all times, so as to avoid stirring up sinful feelings in the menfolk.

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Jinger Duggar is making yet another bold fashion statement. Clearly, she’s loving her life of freedom!

This means that Duggar women are forced to wear long skirts and billowy, shoulder-covering blouses at all times, even when playing sports or engaging in other outdoor activities.

But when Duggar women get married, it’s their husbands, not their father, who gets to decide how they dress.

Yeah, it’s not the most progressive policy, but this loophole was enough to earn Jinger her sartorial freedom.

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Yes, unlike his father-in-law, Jeremy is not an overbearing maniac.

Thus, Jinger is permitted to dress like a normal person and not like an extra from a Little House on the Prairie reboot.

She’s been taking advantage of that freedom in recent weeks, as she and her family endure a swelteringly hot SoCal summer.

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Jinger Duggar is making yet another bold fashion statement. And yet again, fans are loving that she’s disobeying her father. (Instagram)

First, Jinger was spotted wearing her “shortest skirt yet” in the photo above.

(It’s a bit difficult to tell, given the angle of the shot and the fact that she’s sitting down, but online sleuths and Duggar obsessives are convinced that Jinger’s hemline has been steadily rising all summer.)

Now, fans are convinced that Jinger is wearing her shortest shorts to date.

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The photo above appeared on Jinger’s Instagram page earlier this week along with the following caption:

“We took the girls to the beach in Malibu. Perfect family day. So refreshing. “

Pretty tame stuff by just about any standards, but Duggar watchers were blown away by the boldness of Jinger’s latest fashion statement.

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Jinger Duggar’s latest photos have her fans talking.

“I really like Jinger’s outfit! Weather appropriate and beach appropriate but not immodest,” one fan commented on the pic, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Love this post. Shorts and mini skirts. You found your version following your religion. Great job Jinger finding what makes you happy and feel loved,” another added.

“Shorts? Mini skirts. Freedom yeah,” a third chimed in.

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Jinger Duggar is done living under Jim Bob’s thumb. And she sent that message loud and clear with her latest Instagram post.

Yes, the sight of Jinger’s kneecaps is enough to make fans emotional about all that she and her sisters have endured in their ongoing quest for freedom from their cult-like upbringing.

We’re not totally convinced that the shorts in her latest pic are Jinger’s shortest to date.

After all, the denim cutoffs in the swingset photo above are pretty short.

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Jinger Duggar posted her raciest photo yet on Instagram this week. And it seems she’s not the least bit concerned with what her father might think.

But the important thing is that every time fans make a big deal about Jinger’s defiantly modern style, her father is probably forced to see the headlines and realize that he’s losing his dictatorially power over his offspring.

And we love that for him!