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For the most of the past three years, Jenelle Evans has had no visible means of support.

Sure, she occasionally made a few bucks from a sponsored content deal or an ill-fated business venture, but it was never long before the coffers were drained, and Jenelle was forced to cook up a new scheme.

But back in March, Jenelle discovered a gig that’s provided her with her first steady income since she got fired from Teen Mom 2 amid child and animal abuse allegations.

Yes, after years of mocking other people for doing the same, Jenelle joined OnlyFans.

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Jenelle Evans advertises her OnlyFans page. (Photo via TikTok)

Now, not only are she and husband David Eason getting by, they appear to be thriving.

In the past three months they’ve taken two vacations (without their kids, of course), and Evans has been flaunting all sorts of extravagant purchases.

(Again, the sport bikes and other toys that have made their way to the Land in recent weeks seem to be primarily for the benefit of the adults, but we’re sure the kids are used to this sort of thing by now.)

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This is a screen capture from a video Jenelle Evans uploaded to her Instagram page in March of 2022. (Photo via Instagram)

But Jenelle might soon experience a phenomenon that’s very familiar to OnlyFans creators:

We’re talking about the erosion of subscribers that can affect even the most creative accounts.

Basically, the site is loaded with people who will shell out a one-time fee to see someone nude, but are not necessarily looking to take on a new monthly expense.

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Here’s Jenelle Evans in a bikini. It’s a familiar sight! (Photo via TikTok)

So a semi-celeb like Jenelle launches an OnlyFans, people shell out the initial 20 bucks out of curiosity, but then cancel after that first month.

That means if Jenelle wants the big bucks to continue rolling in, she’s gonna have to continually court new subscriber.

Her best asset, of course, is her large following on non-adult sites like Instagram and TikTok.

So it comes as no surprise that Evans has been advertising her racier content with semi-SFW posts on those sites.

Her latest is the video above in which she appears to be topless while sporting some sort of chain harness.

For obvious reasons, Jenelle didn’t pan down very far in the clip.

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Jenelle Evans sipping a beer on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

“We need a full outfit girl! Looking beautiful!” one follower enthused, leading Jenelle to explain that that wouldn’t be possible on TikTok.

“I would but it’s pretty bare underneath,” Evans replied.

Jenelle generally tries to delete negative comments as quickly as they come in, but it seems that on this occasion, the tidal wave was too much for her.

“Her idea of sexy is so cheap,” one person wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

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Jenelle advertises her OnlyFans page. (Image via TikTok)

“You look god damn ridiculous,” another person chimed in.

When one fan asked Jenelle where she got the outfit, she conceded that it was a costume she had picked up at a “Halloween store.”

But while she might be receiving the same sort of criticism she used to hurl at others, it seems that Jenelle is pleased with her decision to get into sex work.

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Jenelle Evans is front and center here, speaking to her followers about her health concerns. (Photo via Instagram)

Evans recently joked that her life has taken “some crazy turns” in the years since she became a certified medical assistant.

“Well that’s a sad story,” one commenter replied

I think we all knew this is the route you’d take let’s be real,” another wrote.

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Hi there, Jenelle Evans! This is a screen grab we took from a video she shared on social media. (Photo via Inastagram)

“LOL is this supposed to be a flex? Because it ain’t it sis,” a third chimed in.

There’s no shame in sex work, of course.

But Jenelle probably shouldn’t go around reminding everyone that during all those lean years, she was amply qualified for gainful employment, but she didn’t pursue it simply because she doesn’t want to work.