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Last month, Jenelle Evans joined OnlyFans.

Obviously, it’s not uncommon for reality stars (or former reality stars, as the case may be) to supplement their incomes by posting subscription-only content.

But Jenelle relentlessly trash-talked other celebs who started OF accounts, so fans were a bit taken aback when she decided to go that route herself.

Anyway, according to Jenelle (so take this with several grains of salt), she’s making a ton of money from the site.

Jenelle Evans Claps (Cheeks) Back at Haters After Joining OnlyFans

In fact, Jenelle is doing so well that her husband, David Eason, decided to join OnlyFans, as well.

Now, Jenelle and David have both been unemployed for several years.

So we’re sure it’s exciting for them to finally have a steady flow of income again.

David Eason with Huge Beard


Of course, they’re still in their first month, and only time will tell if their subscribers are so enthused with the content that they’ll continue to pay for more.

And in the meantime, the Easons are facing quite a bit of backlash.

We’re sure they expected as much.

Jenelle is Sad
Photo via Instagram

After all, when you spend years talking trash about a certain type of behavior, and you then eagerly engage in that behavior yourself without offering any sort of apology, people are gonna call you out on it.

Of course, there’s an easy (smart) and a hard (dumb) way to handle criticism, and as usual, Jenelle is going with the latter approach.

She could have said something along the lines of:

Jenelle Evans in a Video
Photo via TikTok

“Whoops. I was wrong. There’s nothing shameful about OnlyFans or sex work in general. In fact, these avenues offer an ethical way to bring in revenue, especially for people who might be limited in their options or resources.”

Instead, she did her usual “everything I do is perfect, and everyone who criticizes me is a bully” routine.

And this time, Jenelle’s reply came in the form of, like, a weird photo essay thing.

She started with a pic in which she’s standing with her three kids.

Jenelle captioned the image:

“I’m a good mother first…”

From there, she posted a bunch of risqué photos, all of which were captioned:

“Whatever I do second is none of your business.”

Now, that’s an argument that would work for a lot of people, but it doesn’t really work for Jenelle:

For starters, Jenelle and David only have custody of three of their five children.

And they almost lost the others as a result of a recent CPS investigation, the results of which they had to fight in court.

So Jenelle’s probably not gonna be getting nominated for any Mother of the Year awards anytime soon.

On top of that, Jenelle has made a career out of sharing every detail of her personal life on either TV or social media.

So she might want to be careful about telling everyone to mind their own business.

After all, if they do that, she might have to get a real job.

And we all know that the Easons will do anything to avoid that fate!