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As of the Season 7 premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet are back.

Things are still weird with her family. Andrei is still a sexist jerk. Only one relative is talking to Charlie.

It may sound like not much has changed.

But Libby has a new goal for herself. She wants to ditch real estate and take up singing. Like, professionally. And we already know what she sounds like.

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Elizabeth Potthast didn’t come right out and say that she wants to be a pop star on the premiere.

In fact, she played coy repeatedly, suggesting that maybe it’s just a hobby or a minor passion of hers.

Viewers immediately understood that, like Usman Umar and so many others, she wants to use the show to give her singing a boost.

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This went down fairly indirectly, with Libby and Andrei sharing that they have bought a new home.

In addition to little Ellie’s bedroom, they have a spare room, where the “magic” (music) happens.

Of course, Andrei announced that he was “allowing” her to do this … which did not go over well.

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They also touched upon family drama, including the Charlie of it all.

Almost no one in the family is speaking to Charlie after watching him attack Andrei as the BBQ.

They’re not ghosting him for life. They want him to get help, and they don’t feel that it’s wise to be around him until he does.

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Chuck Potthast stopped by to visit his daughter, granddaughter, and his son-in-law at their new house. They gave him a tour.

During this, Libby brought up her desire to start singing, and they noted the dedicated room for this activity.

(Andrei was also a jerk again and Libby had to remind him to not use obscenities around Ellie. Classic Andrei)

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Later, Libby met up with her sisters, Becky and Jen.

Their mom, Pamela, apparently took a break from posting homophobic memes to join them.

(That’s right, we’ve not forgotten Pamela’s social media posts, which were so bad that Elizabeth disavowed them)

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After a surprise storm (that’s Florida, folks) drove them indoors, they resumed the conversation.

Libby made some great points about parenting, noting that Ellie needs to try many things to learn what she likes.

Of course, she brought this up so that she could then tether it to her own desire to delve into music. Her sisters were supportive, relatively. They were not surprised.

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Pamela is the only one still talking to Charlie, and she issued a plea on his behalf.

But the sisters explained that they set a boundary — they’re not talking to him until he gets help for his drinking and behavior.

The proverbial ball is in his court. Libby, Jen, and Becky have conveyed their expectations.

As for Libby’s singing career, this is a years-old clip from her Instagram.

You can tell that it’s from years ago, since Ellie is just a newborn in the clip. We just saw this baby playing tennis. Sort of.

She does have a lovely voice. Whether this will translate into a music career is anyone’s guess.