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Late this spring, Lizzo apologized for using an ableist slur in one of her songs.

Knowing that actions speak louder than words (or lyrics), she re-recorded the song.

Beyonce’s Renaissance album has had people talking — but the music powerhouse used the same slur in one of her songs.

Now, Queen Bey is making the same concession … while political malefactors spin this to their advantage.

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This may take some explaining, so we’ll go in order.

Beyonce released her highly anticipated album, Renaissance, on Friday, July 29.

Overall, fans have delighted in the album. But not every review has been positive, for one reason in particular.

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One of the song’s tracks, “Heated,” includes a term that has very different meanings among English-speaking countries.

“Sp–zing on that ass,” Beyonce sings during the song. “Sp–z on that ass.”

The term, which rhymes with “jazz,” refers to spasticity.

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In American English, it is a somewhat dated slang term (more prevalent decades ago) for someone who is overactive or unpredictable.

Whether someone flakes out on a commitment or simply cannot stop fidgeting, they might be called a “sp–z.” Well, in 1992, anyway.

While certain disabilities and conditions might contribute to this type of behavior, it is a minor insult at worst. In American English.

Beyonce in Homecoming
Beyonce is on stage here as part of her popular Netflix special, Homecoming.

However, while some of our media sometimes makes this easy to forget, America is not actually the only country.

Just as the c-word is bandied about with casual glee in basically every other English-speaking country, other words have different meanings.

In the United Kingdom, “sp–z” is a deeply offensive word. It’s an ableist slur, one often aimed at people with cerebral palsy.

Beyonce on Coachella Stage
Beyonce brought the crowd to its feet while on stage at the Coachella music festival in April of 2018.

It is perfectly reasonable for most Americans who are not “very online” to have no idea that the term is offensive overseas.

Again, in the US, it’s a little like calling someone “so extra” or “a flake.”

However, it is also entirely reasonable for Beyonce’s audience — not all of whom are Americans — to want her to change things.

Beyonce at Coachella

Variety reports that Beyonce is going to replace the word within the lyrics.

“The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced,” the singer’s team confirmed.

People very reasonably felt disappointed. However, Beyonce is correcting the issue. Problem solved, right?

Beyonce Dresses as Oshun
Beyonce dressed as Osun or Oshun, the Yoruba deity, while performing, and really rocked fans’ worlds.

In real life, yes, acknowledging and fixing the problem is an ideal way for this to work out.

On Fox News, however, this is nothing but ammunition for certain political malefactors to wield against her.

Raymond Arroyo decided to mock the severity of casual ableism while simultaneously condemning Beyonce.

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It would be an amazing juggling act if it weren’t so sinister.

“Beyonce uses the N-word, filter terms for male/female genitalia, breasts and ass, but sp–z is the offensive term in that lyric,” Arroyo remarked.

Yes. One wonders what part of this could be confusing.

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Beyonce, a Black woman, can use any variation of the N-word in her music.

The “filthy” stuff if Arroyo’s hangup. Perhaps a therapist could help work through any irrational discomfort.

Meanwhile, ableist slurs popularized through a musical superstar are a real problem.

Beyonce at 2016 MET Gala
Beyonce poses here at the 2016 MET Gala in New York City. She looks incredible, doesn’t she?

Brian Kilmeade decided to agree, suggesting that Beyonce’s status as a parent should mean that she no longer sings about sex.

“Do you like when you get a little bit older sometimes you mellow? I mean, she’s a parent,” Kilmeade griped.

“We haven’t really seen her in a while, barely dressed, dancing around,” he went on, “and now she comes back more vile than ever, putting out X-rated lyrics.”

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We should keep in mind that this all took place during The Ingraham Angle.

While it is not Fox News’ biggest platform for white supremacy, it’s arguably in the #2 spot.

It is no surprise that this show in particular would downplay ableism to attack a Black woman. It’s all part of the playbook.