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On the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All, Mike Berk and Ximena Morales were back together. Sort of.

But that aired after they had broken up again (in real time). In fact, Ximena had flaunted her new man.

Except, Ximena then unveiled a different new man.

What’s going on — and who is Ximena dating right now?

Ximena Cuellar hangover header crop

Ximena Cuellar, also known as Ximena Morales, is kind of a mess.

She goes back and forth on what she wants, and her decision-making is strikingly immature.

Maybe that’s a surprise given how hard her life has been. Or maybe her life is the cause of it.

Mike Berk Wants Ximena Back on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Finale (Recap)

When Mike Berk first flew down to Colombia, Ximena was unsure, but quickly became smitten.

(Meeting someone in person for the first time is always complicated … chemistry can blossom or wither)

Ximena had some notes on some of Mike’s grosser habits, but she was overjoyed when he proposed.

Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar embrace - love you

Then, after Mike returned to the United States, things changed.

He noticed that she had grown distant.

Mike planned to return to Colombia to plan their wedding together … and to find out what was wrong.

Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar
Mike is back in New York and has been hard at work keeping his living space tidy, to comply with Ximena’s request that he be a partner to her and not a third son who needs to be reminded about things like hygiene.

Obviously, the couple had many issues — most significantly, a huge and frustrating language gap.

Everything that they said was filtered through a flawed translation app … which only made matters worse.

But upon his return to Colombia, Mike quickly saw how dramatically Ximena’s mood had changed.

It’s bedtime, and Mike has to ask Ximena if she’s planning to be intimate on this trip … because so far, she has not.

Suddenly, she was no longer interested in having sex with him.

Time apart had given her time to think about his unpalatable habits, and she had simply lost interest.

While anyone can fall out of love at any time, what made this weird was that she hadn’t broken up with him.

Then again, it wasn’t so “weird” when one considered his financial contributions.

When Mike and Ximena first “met,” she was working as a camgirl, and he was not content to be a sugar daddy.

Instead, he apparently offered to pay to meet all of her needs so that she would quit her job — giving attention only to him.

Perhaps Ximena hoped that she would fall back in love with Mike.

Or maybe she just wanted to drag out the engagement in order to maintain her lifestyle.

We do not know her true motives. But we do know that viewers, for the most part, did not like Ximena.

Mike gets more toxic
He cusses out Ximena and even some of her family in the process. For a guy who uses a translation app for almost everything, he sure says “hija de puta” like it’s a familiar phrase.

However, that does not mean that everyone is a big fan of Mike — not anymore.

After a series of soft rejections, Ximena gave Mike a more firm rejection … and he did not take it well, running off into the night.

His Paul Staehle impression over, he returned to Ximena’s home, where he insulted her and her family.

YIKES dude
Mike begins to insist that he doesn’t have to leave, on the grounds that he has paid the rent. Some legal jurisdictions might side with him if she called the police to have him removed, but there’s no moral justification for what he’s doing. Give someone a gift, whether it’s reasonable or foolish to give it to them, and it’s theirs — whether it’s a piece of furniture or a few months’ rent. Trying to lord it over them makes you the bad guy.

Worse, Mike refused to leave when Ximena asked, which turned this ugly moment into a scary one, too.

Don’t get us wrong, the production crew was there, but a man refusing to leave his girlfriend’s house when she dumps him … that’s bad.

Mike’s harsh words made it extremely clear that he felt that he had “bought” Ximena with his generosity. Super gross.

Ximena returns
Mike begs her to still give him another chance when they meet up soon. Also, his castmates manage to get it out of him that they’d love for her to make as much of an effort to learn English as he is to learn Spanish.

When the Tell All was filmed in January of 2022, Mike and Ximena were sort of back together.

They had issues to work out. And Ximena wasn’t prepared to say that she’s “in love” with Mike.

However, reports quickly circulated that the two had been filming in Colombia, indicating that they were reunited.

Then, in February, Ximena seemed to accidentally post and delete one of her cheesy lovey-dovey videos.

This video was not about Mike.

Instead, it was about a Canadian named Josh Romeo.

Ximena Cuellar and new man

Ximena quickly set about distancing herself from Mike.

She got a new tattoo, this time to cover up her simple “Mike” tattoo on her wrist.

But if you’re wondering if Ximena and Josh are endgame … not quite.

The guy in front is reportedly named Brian.

Ximena went Instagram Official with him — despite having described herself as “sola” (single).

We don’t know much about Brian, but Ximena has been posting pics with him as recently as a couple of weeks ago.

Honestly, it feels like Mike and Ximena both dodged a bullet — each other.

Odds are pretty good that we’ll see them again on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, since they were reportedly filming for the spinoff.

We might find out how they broke up. We might even see Ximena and Mike as they move on.