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Even though Mike Berk is being a real jerk and even refused to leave Ximena’s home, fans haven’t forgotten what she has done.

She said a lot of insulting things to Mike and seemed to use sex to string him along instead of making a clean break.

After all of that, their relationship only ended for good very recently.

Ximena recently celebrated her birthday, turning 25 and celebrating with her new man … and a new engagement ring.

Photo via Instagram

In early March, Ximena celebrated her birthday.

She turned 25 — having turned 24 only a short time before she and Mike began to film together, it seems.

However, a recently uncovered slideshow (read: another cringy music video) shows that she did not celebrate alone.

Not much is known about Ximena’s new man.

He is reportedly Canadian. He clearly has multiple tattoos.

He is also, well, taller than Mike — not an insult to Mike, just a fact.

Ximena Cuellar and new man

Given the decor and outfits, it’s clear that Ximena’s birthday pic with him was part of the same shoot as the photo that she shared publicly.

Because she is under an NDA, Ximena could not just post the full set of pics for all to see.

However, because Ximena is clearly someone who falls head over heels and cannot help but post extremely corny love videos, we’re all seeing this anyway.

Of particular interest to viewers is the ring that Ximena is not trying to hide in multiple pics.

The look of the ring and the significance that it is given in pictures sure makes it seem like an engagement ring.

The ring shows up even in photos that do not feature her new man, like those on her public Instagram account.

One thing that remains totally up in the air is when these two started seeing each other.

Officially, we first saw him in another cheesy slideshow video that Ximena posted and quickly deleted … back in February.

Maybe she deleted it to abide by her NDA … or maybe she deleted it because she hadn’t meant to publicly post it and reveal herself as a cheater.

This is just a theory, of course, and will require some explaining.

But some people believe that Mike and Ximena were still together until she slipped up and posted about her new man.

If she was two-timing Mike with him, that would be a grim way for Mike to find out.

If you’re wondering "wait, how could she still be with Mike in February if we just watched them break up?" … that’s a fair question.

On average, this show (like many similar reality series) airs about 8 months later, with some couples airing closer to 12 months after filming, others less.

It’s probably safe to say that the ugly, protracted breakup that we’ve seen Mike and Ximena have took place in the spring of 2021.

Ximena Cuellar kisses Mike Berk

But Ximena, being extremely young, is very active on TikTok, where she posted all sorts of things last year.

When she’s not possibly revealing her new man (or side piece) with it, she’s posting bits and pieces of her life.

That included uncomfortably sappy looks at what appears to have been a long-distance proposal from Mike.

The best guess here is that Mike an Ximena renewed their engagement over long distance after talking things out.

(This was even hinted at in the previews for next week’s episode)

If so, they got back together and continued to be in a relationship for months before inevitably splitting again.

Ximena has been very hurtful and may have extended her engagement with Mike in order to get more money from him — so fans believe.

Mike refused to leave her home when asked to, pulled some very toxic moves (bringing up her cam work being one of them) and was also outed as a racist.

Neither of them seem to have been good partners or even particularly good people. What a shame.

Mike Berk cusses out Ximena, her family

Perhaps we will learn more about these two at the Tell All.

However, if rumors that they were filming again turn out to be true, we may have to wait a whole season to find out the rest of the story.

We hope that these two stay apart and, ideally, work on themselves.