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Tammy Slaton will not be a totally free woman any time soon.

According to The Sun, the 1,000-lb Sisters star had been scheduled to undergo a life-saving procedure toward the end of June, as she finally qualified for gastric bypass surgery, which is an operation on the digestive system to help a patient lose weight quickly in extreme situations.

This is the same procedure Amy Slaton underwent a couple of years ago.

1000-Lb Sisters Photo

The thing is, you need to get your body into a healthy enough state in order to qualify for this surgery.

Amy successfully did so awhile back and, as a result, has since been able to get pregnant on two occasions.

But now? When it comes to Tammy?

A source tells The Sun that Tammy’s procedure has been pushed back approximately one month.

Tammy Slaton, A Close-Up
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According to the insider, Tammy’s surgery delay is due to purely scheduling.

She hasn’t necessarily done anything wrong to prompt this change.

After her big surgery, however, the TLC personality will need to return to rehab throughout the month of August before she is allowed to return home.

She still has a long way to go in her journey to improved health.

Tammy Slaton Online

But, hey, at least she’s on this journey, you know?

At the start of her second rehab stint late last year, Slaton reached 639 pounds; she must weigh under 400 pounds to qualify for the surgery.

Moreover, Tammy has been under assisted breathing after living with a tracheotomy for the past several months.

She “hates” it, a friend told The Sun this summer, while also telling The Sun that Tammy only has to use this apparatus on a part-time basis these days.

Tammy Slaton on TLC

As for what this all means in terms of 1,000-lb Sisters Season 4?

No one can say for certain. The show has not yet been renewed by TLC.

Amy hasn’t committed to any further filming, either, saying at one point that she may want to walk away from television so that she can focus on her family.

However, “there are so many options for Tammy even if Amy did quit the show,” the aforementioned friend previously said, hinting that Tammy may write a memoir.

Tammy Slaton Gets Silly

Tammy herself has not yet commented on this rumor.

The last time we heard from her?

Slaton was telling off a troll who told her to get off TikTok and get back to losing weight.

“Maybe stay in your lane worry about your own freaking self and not worry about what the f-ck I do,” Slaton shot back at this loser a few weeks ago.