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As previously and tragically reported, Nolan Neal died this past Monday night of an apparent drug overdose.

The singer, who appeared on both The Voice and America’s Got Talent, was only 41 years old.

“We are heartbroken by the passing of Nolan Neal,” read a Tweet on the official Voice account.

“His incredible talent will always be remembered. Our sincerest sympathy goes out to his family and friends during this time.”

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According to TMZ insiders, Neal’s body was discovered in his Nashville apartment, with a cousin later telling People Magazine that the musician passed away due to a drug overdose.

“He was always open and honest about that struggle,” this same cousin told People.

“He was a loving father and son. A light to all who knew him. My heart goes out to his two children and his mother Cathy.”

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One of those children has now shed some new and unfortunate light on Neal’s passing.

Caylin Cate created a GoFundMe account on Wednesday titled “Nolan Neal Funeral Expenses” in hopes of raising money in the wake of her father’s passing.

And, in doing so, she revealed that her dad passed away with very little money to his name.

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“As I’m sure you all have heard, my Dad passed away suddenly,” Cate wrote in the page’s description.

“He did not have any life insurance or any money whatsoever.

“The expenses that come from this are extensive as we are trying to prepare for his funeral and fly in his son & loved ones.”

You can visit the GoFundMe page HERE.

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It concludes as follows:

“If you want to help in anyway, you can donate here. Anything is appreciated and I am so grateful for the community rallying behind us.”

As of this writing, the movement has collected over $20,000.

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No official cause of death has been announced.

However, “Mr. Seals was located in the bedroom of the downstairs apartment by the upstairs roommate,” a public information officer said on Tuesday, noting that on the desk next to the singer’s bed was a “black guitar pick that appeared to contain a powder residue.”

Neal, a Tennessee native, auditioned for Season 15 of America’s Got Talent in 2020 and performed an original track called “Lost.”

He said at the time it was the first song he penned after getting sober.”

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After panelist Simon Cowell asked Neal to further explain the meaning behind the track, the singer replied:

“The hook of the song is ‘Lost for the last time.’

“It’s about somebody who thinks that they don’t deserve anything because of the things they’ve done.

“I hope that it connects with you all. That’ll be the real win for me.”

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Prior to competing on America’s Got Talent, Neal had auditioned for The Voice on Seasons 10 and 11, joining Team Adam Levine on the latter before getting eliminated during the Knockout Round.

While speaking to the NBC News affiliate back then, Neal revealed that he was dealing with his addictions as a contestant on The Voice.

“I kind of lost my way on The Voice and continued drinking,” he said.

“You can see it. I can see it.”

Neal added that multiple rehab visits helped him eventually get sober and start making music again.

But he appears to have lost this very personal and difficult battle on Monday.

May Nolan Neal rest in peace.