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Late last year, 90 Day Fiance alum Juliana Custodio became pregnant by her fiance, Ben.

The exciting news was only part of her new life after leaving Michael Jessen and traveling to Europe.

On Tuesday, July 19, Juliana took to social media with some very exciting news.

Her baby is here!

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Juliana Custodio holds and nurses baby Benjamin after giving birth.

Juliana Custodio shared precious photos to Instagram alongside a warm caption.

“All my friends that have known me for years know how much I waited for this moment,” she began.

Juliana affirmed that she has waited “to have my own child.”

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“It was my biggest dream to become a mother,” Juliana gushed.

“Today was the most incredible amazing day of our lives,” she announced.

Juliana expressed: “I’m such a lucky woman for having you @ben_obscura in my life.”

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She then declared that her fiance is “an amazing father and husband to be.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better partner and father to my child,” Juliana praised.

She wrote that “you have been what I expected and more.”

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“I can’t describe the feeling of finally having my baby in my arms,” Juliana gushed.

“And,” she wrote, she is in a place where she can “finally feel that I am a mother.”

Juliana then freely admitted that “With all those feelings comes the fears too.”

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“Now it’s time to learn and grow with this little one,” Juliana wrote to Baby Benjamin.

“This is beyond a dream come true,” she then gushed.

Juliana affirmed that “I’m so blessed with this beautiful family I have.”

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Juliana Custodio gushed over welcoming her baby boy, detailing his birth in a warm Instagram caption.

“I can’t thank enough all the support I have been having,” Juliana wrote.

“Benjamin James Louis,” she continued, announcing his name before his stats.

“Weight: 4.280kg,” Juliana listed. “Height: 55cm.” That’s almost 9.5 pounds, and it’s more than 21.5 inches!

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“Vaginal birth with no epidural,” Juliana then shared.

We literally cannot imagine that kind of pain.

And, in her post made on Tuesday, July 19, Juliana confirmed that Baby Benjamin was “Born this morning.”

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90 Day Fiance alum Juliana Custodio is pregnant and enjoying a lovely time in Italy with photographer boyfriend, Ben.

Juliana and Ben met last year, when she was already reeling from the end of her marriage to Michael Jessen.

Their relationship was a casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic … but it didn’t have to be.

Juliana felt neglected. She also felt that the family — Michael as well as her ex and her new husband — treated her like a servant.

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio Have Had Enough

Suffice it to say that Juliana had not expected to suddenly become the sole breadwinner for two families.

Yet, with so much shut down to save lives early into the pandemic, that is precisely what she became.

The marriage crumbled beyond repair, and she set off for Europe — ending the relationship.

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Many fans like Juliana. We are all happy to see that she has found a new life like this. Well, most of us.

(Some accuse her of being a gold digger who just wanted a green card … which is both false and driven by xenophobia)

Congratulations to Juliana and Ben on the birth of their healthy newborn!