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What was once one of 90 Day Fiance’s most promising and genuine couples is now broken and bitter.

Last year, Juliana Custodio split with Michael Jessen, traveled to Europe, and got pregnant by her new boyfriend.

Michael’s ex-wife reportedly believed that Juliana had cheated with her husband, Sean.

It was even speculated that he could be Juliana’s baby daddy. Juliana is shutting that down.

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As we reported, sources close to Michael Jessen’s family — including his ex — claimed that Juliana was seen "making out" with Sean Naso.

Sean is the 39-year-old husband of Sarah Naso, ex-wife of Michael Jessen.

This allegedly went down "in the kitchen" of Juliana, Michael, Sarah, and Sean’s Connecticut home where the kids, Max and Cece, also live.

Michael Jessen Kisses the Bride, Juliana Custodio

In September of 2021, there was reportedly a farewell party for Juliana before she traveled to Europe.

She is a model, and at that time, she and Michael had not yet split.

(Juliana has made references to having to act as the breadwinner during the pandemic, so her work may have been pretty essential)

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Juliana and Michael revealed their split in October of last year, after weeks of rumors to that effect.

In November, Juliana took to Instagram to share that she and her boyfriend, Ben, were expecting a child together.

The report that came out this week claimed that Juliana’s pregnancy announcement was a direct response to Michael’s pleas to get her back.

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Allegedly, Michael had contacted her and begged her to give him another chance.

He was hoping for six months of marriage counseling in order to mend their bond.

So, 24 hours later (so the report claims), Juliana announced that she was pregnant.

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Another detail is that Michael found out the same way that the rest of us did.

That means that he logged onto Instagram and saw his extranged wife announce that she is pregnant by another man.

Reports say that he was so distressed that he cried and felt physically ill. One can only imagine.

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While Michael was accepting the difficult reality that his marriage was over, his ex-wife had other thoughts on her mind.

It was reported that Sarah questioned the baby’s maternity in light of the alleged kiss in the kitchen.

Allegedly, Sarah "thought the baby belonged to Sean."

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Sarah, by the way, is the very same ex who officiated Michael and Juliana’s wedding.

Even if the (secondhand) allegations that Juliana and Sean kissed in the kitchen were true, you don’t get pregnant from kissing alone.

It’s unclear why Sarah may have come to believe or suggest that Juliana was pregnant by Sean.

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Meanwhile, Juliana has adamantly denied any claims of cheating.

(Even before these claims were reported, she had already told fans that she worried about backlash over how things ended, but assured them that she didn’t cheat)

Additionally, she stated that she already has "confirmation" that Ben, not Sean or Michael, is the father.

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“It’s really sad that this family has nothing to use against me," Juliana expressed to In Touch Weekly.

"And they are using my baby and making these stories about me,” she accused.

Juliana stated firmly: “I hope I never have to hear or see these people again.”

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For the record, there’s no reason to believe that Sean — or Michael, for that matter — is responsible for Juliana’s pregnancy.

Earlier this week, Juliana shared a look at her sonogram, which was complete with the estimated age of the fetus.

If the fetus was 12 weeks and 4 days old on January 17, we’re looking at a conception day around October 23 … when she was in Europe.

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That’s not the only reason that the paternity accusations against Juliana seem to be bogus.

It’s hard to think of a reason, aside from anger and bitterness, that someone would stir the pot by suggesting any of this.

We hope that everyone can heal and move on from this — especially Juliana. We wish her and Ben happiness and a safe pregnancy.