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Fans and followers have seen Isabel Roloff’s pregnancy scars.

She is not “afraid” to share her post-baby body or the realities of postpartum motherhood.

Unfortunately, as we are all keenly aware, some people are just plain terrible.

Body-shamers have gone after Isabel and her body in force. Now, she is clapping back.

When it comes to body-shaming, there is a saying on social media.

“That public figure won’t see your body-shaming comments, but your friends and followers with similar bodies will.”

Usually, that is true. But sometimes, people like Isabel actually do see the hateful trolls.

“We’re still fat shaming?” Isabel wrote on her Instagram Story.

She continued her bewildered weekend post: “In 2022?”

“This is me judging you,” Isabel announced. “Get a hobby.”

Obviously, body-shaming was always wrong. But our culture only seemed to realize this in the past decade or so.

Meanwhile, it’s extra weird to see these trolls target such a beautiful woman.

It gets even stranger when you consider how recently she gave birth. Are there no limits to their cruelty?

Isabel Roloff Hugs Son
Isabel Roloff hugs her son close in this photo of the occasional reality star and little Mateo.

Isabel has done a lot to quash ideas about “bouncing back” after giving birth.

Mega-millionaires like the Kardashians, through a combination of extreme wealth and lucky genetics, can sometimes do it.

Frankly, even Kylie Jenner has opened up about struggling with postpartum recovery. That should tell you something.

Isabel Roloff header crop 3 January 2022

Some people, from fitness influencers to low-level reality stars, try to push the “post-baby body rebound” idea.

They present the idea that anyone can do it — and that people should, as if it were healthy.

Isabel’s posts have been a refreshing dose of reality and responsible social media use. And, like we said, she’s gorgeous.

Isabel Roloff Breastfeeds

It’s probably pretty important to emphasize that the issue isn’t that body-shamers are insulting a hot woman.

To be clear, they are, so that’s also a factor. But it’s not the main problem.

The problem is that these weirdo trolls think that Isobel has to be attractive at all.

Isabel’s good looks are there, but that is incidental.

Like everyone else, she is allowed to simply exist without meeting other people’s demands.

She does not “owe” people any standard of attractiveness. No one does.

Isabel Roloff, Stretch Marks

Isabel has opened up about her own insecurities with her body, long before she became pregnant.

That makes the body-shaming aimed in her direction even worse. People should really know better.

We have all seen some of the trolls for ourselves. We can only imagine how much of it Isabel sees.

One Month Apart
No feud here! Audrey and Isabel are showing off their dueling baby bumps in this photo.

Truth be told, many have praised Isabel’s openness and honesty in contrast with another Roloff.

Isabel and Audrey may have become pregnant around the same time, but the two are worlds apart when it comes to values.

Audrey likes to present her image in a certain way that many followers feel is manufactured. Isabel has a different approach.