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A very large rift has opened up within the universe of Little People, Big World.

On this Tuesday night’s brand new episodes of the long-running TLC hit, Amy Roloff learns from her current husband that her previous husband just went and did something she finds unseemly.

Matt Roloff went and put a portion of farm in Oregon up for sale.

Amy will discover this key piece of information from Chris Marek, who works as a real estate agent and who just had a discussion with Matt when Amy talks to him in their kitchen on the aforementioned installment.

Marek tells his spouse — in a sneak peek posted by People Magazine — that he had to sort through some of Amy’s items that were left in the garage at the farm … because Matt is “planning on putting the house on the market.”

Amy then stares at Chris for a few moments prior to shaking her head and saying simply:


amy vs. matt roloff

Marek proceeds to detail notes how Matt is doing “lot line adjustment,” which is seemingly how he plans to sell a portion of the land, while maintaining most of the working farm.

(We now know, of course, based on a recent Instagram post by Matt, that he’s selling 16 acres of the farm for $4 million.)

“Yeah, which dumbfounds me, man,” Amy says in this clip of her former spouse’s plans.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to want to go over there. . .I suspect that there will be a lot less family activity over there.”

Amy on TLC

Amy sold her parcel of land on the farm to Matt in 2019 and moved with Chris about 15 minutes away.

In a confessional from this same episode, Amy goes on to say that Matt hasn’t always been straightforward with what he wanted to do when it came time to sell.

At one point, she believed the farm would go to one of her twin sons.

Little People, Big World Trailer: Amy Roloff Torn Between Husbands?

“After the negotiations with both of my boys Jeremy and Zachary didn’t work out, Matt had sent an email out,” she tells the camera.

“I vaguely remember it more [like] ‘these are the possibilities I’m thinking of.’

“But Matt has often changed his mind or changed course or changed paths, you know?

“So you’ve got to take that with a grain of salt.”

Amy Roloff and Chris: Look at Us!

Continues Amy, citing her relocation a few years ago — and her expectations that came along with it.

“Leaving the farm was hard for me at the time.

“I was hoping pretty much that this property would be turned over or [for] the opportunity to negotiate with the two boys.

“That makes me sad that I got off the farm mainly for that particular reason. Would I have made other choices? Possibly.

“And I would’ve bought Matt out and turned around and said, ‘Okay kid, how can we make this work?’ or something. And I didn’t do that. So it’ll be sad for a while.”

Amy Roloff and Chris

This sneak peek concludes with Amy predicting the “dynamics of the family will definitely change” when her kids find out about the sale… and she’s been proven correct.

After Matt announced the sale, and tried to argue that he gave his kids a chance to purchase the land, Zach fired back with a shocking rebuke.

“This post is extremely misguided and false,” Zach wrote about Matt mentioned the chances he supposedly gave his kids to take over the farm.

My dad is manipulating the narrative right now before the season comes out.

Once again like he has for most of his life not taking responsibility for his own actions and blaming others.

Dragging the family drama that he created and then manipulate the fan base to make himself come out okay.

This post his a new shocking low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and kids for his own gain.