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Jenelle Evans was never exactly a candidate for Mother of the Year.

After all, Evans has lost custody of all of her kids at one time or another, and her eldest son, Jace, is still raised primarily by his grandmother.

Many of Jenelle’s questionable parenting decisions were captured on camera during her years on Teen Mom 2.

But critics believe the situation has only gotten worse in the years since she was fired from the show.

Jenelle Evans and a Son

And they think things have deteriorated even more in the weeks since Jenelle joined OnlyFans.

The problem is not that Jenelle is making a living selling adult content.

It’s that her choice of career has led to even more time away from her kids than before.

Jenelle Evans For OnlyFans

In the past month alone, Jenelle and husband David Eason (who had also also joined OnlyFans) have taken two “working” vacations.

The goal, it seems, was to shoot content in new locations, and for obvious reasons, Jenelle and David were not joined by the three children of whom they still have custody.

(The Easons have five children between them.)

Jenelle drinking

On social media, commenters noted that it would be nice if Jenelle and David took a more family-friendly vacation and brought their kids along.

Perhaps in response to that criticism, Jenelle and David decided to include their kids in their Fourth of July festivities.

It wasn’t a lavish vacation like the ones Jenelle and David have been enjoying, but we’re sure these kids have learned to take what they can get in terms of parental attention.

Jenelle Evans and Her Forehead

On TikTok, Jenelle revealed that she and David decided to take the kids to a hiking trail that has special meaning for them.

“We spent our day in the mountains on Beacon’s Trail where @easondavid88 proposed to me in 2016,” Evans captioned her post.

“So happy to share this view/experience with our kids!”

Clearly, Jenelle was quite pleased with the outing.

But on Reddit, commenters were quick to point out that she allowed her young children to wander dangerously close to the edge of what appeared to be a rather steep cliff.

“Well this is nice and dangerous,” one person wrote.

“Zero parental supervision,” another added.

“How she letting them just roam around at the top of the mountain?!” a third chimed in.

In fairness to Jenelle, it doesn’t look as though the kids were entirely unsupervised, and concern-trolling directed parents is one of the internet’s most annoying tendencies.

But the people who are trolling Jenelle and David for jetting off on a tropical vacation by themselves and then taking their kids to a local hiking trail for the Fourth?

Yeah, they might be onto something.

Look, we’re not saying parents don’t deserve to take vacations away from their kids.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage

But Jenelle and David have money coming in for the first time in years, and their instinct is to immediately spend it on themselves?

Maybe they’re assuming that this is the beginning, and the OnlyFans money train is keep right on chugging along.

But if previous celebrity OF creators are any indication, Jenelle and David’s earnings have already peaked.

And sadly, that probably means there aren’t many vacations in their kids’ futures.