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Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 got underway this week.

The premiere featured two returning families and a trio of new families, but focus for many viewers remained on who was NOT on screen.

Specifically, these viewers immediately wondered, what happened to Dimitri and Ashley Snowden?!?

dimitri and ash

The couple was featured prominenly on the first three seasons of Seeking Sister Wife, as they shared three children and an unusual view of relationships:

Dimtri and Ashley were never married.

Moreover, they didn’t even pretend to be seeking a sister wife due to any religious reasons.

Instead, they rambled on about spirituality and how it applied in this case; and Dimitri even tried to argue at one point that polygamy was empowering in nature for women.

Photo via TLC

Early on, Dimitri and Ashley courted a woman named Joselyn — but after she and Dimitri hooked up (before getting married, which was against Ashley’s demands), the Snowdens moved on.

On Season 2, Ashley and Dimitri invited Vanessa Cobbs to move in with them.

After she broke up with Dimitri, though, Cobbs wrote the following on Instagram in April 2019:

Vanessa Cobbs and Dimitri Snowden
Photo via Instagram

“I love Ashley, Dimitri and the children so much, and will continue to do so always.

"However, my love and commitment to them overshadowed my love and commitment to myself. I was not being truly honest with myself until recently.

"I was ignoring my inner guidance which was telling me that I do not belong with them in the capacity that they need me to. I now know that just because you love someone (or a family), does not necessarily mean that you are meant to be with them.

"Sometimes their long-established dynamic is not aligned with your own personal growth and path forward.”

Photo via Instagram

Sounds rather harmless and amicable, right?

Two years later, however, Cobbs blasted Dimitri as a liar in need of professional help.

She did so in the wake of some seriously daming allegations coming out against both of the Snowdens.

On Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wives, Dimitri and Ashley tried their shady luck with Tayler Middleton and Christeline “Chrissy” Petersen, with Dimitri even exchanging legal vows with the latter.

Tayler Middleton
Photo via TLC

Mere months after this union, however, Peterson filed for a restraining order, claiming that Dimtri assaulted her on multiple occasions.

According to the leggal documents, Petersen stated in January of last year that Dimitri woke her up one time by "slamming my head into the headboard of the bed and he was yelling at me."

She filed a police report shortly afterward.

She also claimed in these papers that it wasn’t the first time Dimitri had slammed her head into the headboard over the past year, adding that he often choked her during sex.

Dimitri Snowden Snapshot
Photo via TLC

Similarly, Petersen said Ashley was physically abusive in early 2021, alleging that she "shoved me to prevent me from leaving the home my husband and I shared with her.

"She also threw a bottle at me. She was verbally abusive and called me names."

Dimitri filed for divorce from Peterson in May 2021.

According to court documents, they were declared legally single in March 2022 amid the ongoing process, although their divorce has yet to be finalized.

Christeline Petersen and the Snowdens
Photo via TLC

As for Middleton?

She wrote on social media last June that TLC should cancel Seeking Sister Wife due to Dimitri’s heinous and seemingly illegal actions.

A month later, Ashley announced she had split from Dimitri.

“My truth, because misinformation is harmful: I’m single and grateful for life,” Ashley wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post in July 2021.

Ashley Snowden on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

The ex-reality star continued as follows:

“With that said, I’d like to share some tips that may make this world a kinder place for everyone, especially people who are experiencing trauma:

"Refrain from asking personal questions of people you don’t know, personally. If someone hasn’t shared personal info, chances are they don’t want to talk about it yet, or ever.

"And that’s ok! You will survive, but you have no idea how hard they may be trying to survive."

Ashley and Dimtri Snowden Picture
Photo via Instagram

And then she concluded:

If you’re genuinely concerned for someone’s well being, or feel they may be exhibiting abnormal behavior, approach them PRIVATELY or ask someone you know they are close to for help.

If you can’t approach them privately, 9x out of 10, it’s none of your business.

That may sound harsh, but it’s more harsh to harass people for info you think they owe you because YOU are curious, when it has nothing to do with you.