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Dimitri Snowden has been in the news a lot lately.

For the absolute worst of reasons.

The Seeking Sister Wife star has been accused by multiple women of assault and abuse.

The two women who have spoken out most prominently and passionately against Snowden — Ariadne Joseph and Christeline Peterson — were intimately involved with Dimitri and his long-time lover, Ashley, for many months.

Ashley and Dimtri Snowden Picture
Photo via Instagram

Peterson — who remains legally married to Dimitri, pending his recent divorce filing — asked a judge to grant her a restraining order several weeks ago after alleging that Snowden used to choke her during sex.

Joseph, meanwhile, has detailed the unusual rules that were in place for her as a member of the Snowden household.

Such as how she had to be naked at all times.

Far more disturbingly, Joseph has claimed that Dimitri raped her and also said she told TLC all about it… only for the network to shrug its collective shoulders.

Dimitri Snowden on TV

It’s all very gross and extremely troubling, and it’s placed both Dimitri and Ashley squarely in the spotlight.

What, exactly, is the deal with these people, many celebrity gossip fans unfamiliar with Seeking Sister Wife are wondering?

The couple practices polygamy, yet, oddly enough, are NOT Fundamentalist Mormons.

Why, therefore, do they spend so much time trying find a third partner? Why do they believe in plural marriage?

Seeking Sister Wife Stars

Ashley said early on Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 that they “do not practice polygamy for religious reasons. We chose this life because family is at the center.”

Added Dimitri on this same subject: “We want to take that idea of feminist intricity and build a legacy around that.”

What the heck does that mean?!?

The Snowdens elaborated on their (ridiculous) family vision bit more for a 2018 radio interview with Sway’s Universe.

Photo via TLC

“Part of our why is, if human evolution takes place through women," he tried to explain at the time.

"If women are sound, happy, whole.

"If they’re epic, then anything that comes from a woman will be epic: whether she has children, or she’s an artist, or she’s in the corporate world.

"Everything she does will inherently be epic if she’s sound and happy."

Seeking Sister Wife Poster

Wait, what?

"If I can provide, if I can be the catalyst for that, so She doesn’t have to work, subsequent wives won’t have to work," Dimitri continued.

"You [don’t] have to also just be a baby factory either. You can express your creative freedom because we have services that help around the home.

"The net of that means I have generations that are now happy and fully creative humans that are not abated by economy or these other challenges that may happen in the less than what I think is structured family.”

Photo via TLC

What Snowden is saying here… as diffiicult as it may be to believe … is that he’s helping women realize their full potential by taking part in a plural marriage.

Under this arrangement, you see, a woman doesn’t need to just sit around and raise a child. Or clean a home. Or be stuck in some unwanted role.


Because she has other women around to be of assistance! It’s genius! And totally not about one dude just wanting to sleep with multiple women!

Dimitri Snowden Snapshot
Photo via TLC

How did Dimitri sell Ashley on polygamy?

He didn’t even have to, it seems.

“For me, I kind of move on vibrations. I’m one of those ‘good vibes’ people. I always had an affinity for the number 3," she said in this same interview.

"We can raise our children. I don’t want to just be raising children. I want our children to be able to be creative, and have more women, more role models, because I don’t know everything, I don’t have everything."

Dimitri Snowden and Family

Citing how many nations in Africa operate in similar fashion, Ashley expounded:

"This is normal. This is everyday women coming together.

"The men are just, out fighting each other, war, or making the money, and whatever it is that they’re doin’ and that’s fine.

"But it’s the women are the ones that are working together.”

Photo via Instagram

There’s really no way to defend what Ashley is saying here when it comes to any sort of advanced society.

But there’s especially no way to defend any of this when every woman who has lived with the Snowdens cite instances of abuse, manipulation and, yes, sexual assault.

These people should be in jail.