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Another woman who was once very close to Dimtri Snowden has implied that the Seeking Sister Wife star is a monster who should not be given any sort of televised platform.

Or any sort of paycheck from any cable network out there.

If only the one that employed him were paying any kind of attention, you know?

Tayler Middleton
Photo via TLC

Tayler Middleton appeared on Seeking Sister Wife Season 3.

She got to know Dimitri Snowden and his long-time partner, Ashley, very well during her stint on this absurd reality show, as the couple assessed whether or not to make her a spouse.

In the end, the Snowdens selected Christeline Peterson over Middleton.

Since then, Peterson has filed for a restraining order against Dimtri (who has, in turn, filed for divorce), alleging that the TLC personality abused her and sexually assaulted her.

Photo via TLC

In her filing, Christeline claimed that, back in January, she was woken up one day with a violent attack.

She says that she was awoken by Snowden "slamming my head into the headboard of the bed and he was yelling at me."

She went on to tell authorities that Dimitri also shoved her head on the headboard several times — and he choked her during sex.

"The more I struggled the more he enjoyed it," Peterson has said, making us cringe.

Ashley and Dimtri Snowden Picture
Photo via Instagram

Middleton, as outlined above, got to know the Snowdens pretty well during the period of time in which they were wooing her.

She also got to know Peterson.

And she totally has the alleged victim’s back.

Seeking Sister Wife Photo

In a since-deleted Instagram post last month, Tayler made a number of damning of statements including:

  • Throw the whole show away
  • I said WTF I said.
  • I know too much to be silenced.

 Tayler concluded her messages back with the hashtag, "#CANCELseekingsisterwife."

She is far from the only individual making this plea, too.

Photo via TLC

Ariadne Joseph once lived with Ashley and Dimitri.

She told blogger John Yates this spring that Dimitri also abused her during their time together, and that he raped her.

Moreover, Joseph said she brought these allegations to TLC executives.

She says she tried to make them aware of the way in which Dimitri and Ashley manipulated women, while alsoo flat-out assaulting them in a number of ways.

Seeking Sister Wife Stars

"I was begging TLC, just hoping that they would stop, they would take them off the air at least so that they won’t have public attention…" Joseph has explained of the Snowdens, adding of Peterson and her kids:

"Poor Chrissy’s little girls were traumatized in that house.

"Her babies didn’t deserve that."

Photo via Instagram

In conclusion, when it comes to TLC (which is also under fire these days for bankrolling the Duggar family), Joseph says:

"They allowed this piece of s**t to be on this damn show, and they continue to abuse, and misuse, and traumatize women.

"There’s a lot more to these situations, and I believe that it’s going to become public.

"The world’s going to find out the truth. All of the truth — ALL OF IT. It’s time. It’s time. Somebody has to stop this."

Dimitri Snowden Poster

It’s worth noting that a petition is also going around to get Seeking Sister Wife canceled.

In part, it reads:

"The show Seeking Sister Wife is complicit in the continued abuse perpetuated by Dimitri and Ashley Snowden.

"The Snowdens seek out women to control and abuse. Since TLC was alerted of their behavior well before season 3 began taping, they are complicit in the abuse of Christeline.

"This show should be taken off the air and TLC should have to answer for their inaction."