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The season finale of The Kardashians focused upon Khloe Kardashian learning of Tristan’s latest cheating scandal.

It’s not a shock that he’s a cheater, but of course she was taken aback that he’d fathered another child.

However, there was still room for Kim Kardashian’s romance with Pete Davidson.

Pete made his The Kardashians debut at the very last minute … to talk about Kim’s vagina. Yes, really.

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Previous episodes of The Kardashians had mentioned Pete.

Kim revealed that she was quietly dating him, but keeping him off screen.

She at one point explained to producers that she wanted to keep it low-key, in case the relationship fizzled out.

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YUM! Pete Davidson appears to be taking a bite out of Kim Kardashian in this photo of the couple.

Obviously, the relationship only grew more intense in the months that followed.

With that in mind, we saw footage of Kim referring to the romance.

Kim even took a call from Pete while recording a confessional, allowing the footage to air with the episode.

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The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian spoke both angrily and firmly about the possible existence of a “second tape.”

Still, if the world at large did not know who Pete Davidson is, he would have remained unseen and unheard.

Until Season 1, Episode 10, which was also the season finale.

On the June 16 episode, Pete waited until the literal last minute to make himself heard.

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In the post-credits scene (literally, the last minute), Kim is speaking to Erin Paxton, the audio supervisor.

She says that she knows “Paxy” well after well over a decade of working together.

“You have to meet Paxy,” Kim says to someone who is off screen.

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It’s time for Kim Kardashian to confess in this photo from The Kardashians premiere.

“Paxy has worked with me as audio 14 years from Keeping Up With the Kardashians.,” Kim explains.

“She knows everything about me,” Kim appraises.

The mother of four then jokes: “She’s probably seen my vagina.”

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There are several easy jokes to make about that line, but this scene went in another direction.

“More than me?” asks a hauntingly familiar voice from behind the camera.

That voice, of course, belongs to Pete Davidson.

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Kim Kardashian looks into the camera and talks here about something on an episode of The Kardashians.

“Not more than you,” Kim assures him, looking in his direction, though we cannot see him.

“But,” she allows, “she’s probably seen it.”

You can see that post-credits scene right here:

Someone off-screen then admits to not having seen it.

(We can only assume that this is Paxy, but we don’t know her voice as well as we know Pete’s)

“You haven’t seen my vagina?” a surprised Kim asks.

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“We’ll get there,” Kim then assures.

“It takes time to warm up,” she jokes, “to seeing my vagina.”

Kim could then not resist quipping: “But you could look on the internet.”

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I must admit that I laughed at that line.

Meanwhile, Pete had actually been mentioned earlier in the episode, when Scott Disick was singing his praises.

“Kim found a guy who’s a great guy,” Pete raved to Khloe. “He’s so sweet.”

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Scott recalled a time when Pete had picked up Kim and Scott at the airport, ready with their coffee orders … sort of.

“I didn’t want to tell him that it was completely the wrong one,” Scott half-joked.

“He’s just a great person,” he praised. “You can tell that he cares about people’s feelings.”

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“Are you and Pete besties now?” Khloe asked.

Scott then joked that the two have “bunk beds, whole thing.”

More sincerely, he confirmed that the two have had “the best time together.”