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When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were invited to the Platinum Jubilee by Queen Elizabeth, many hoped that the occasion would provide an opportunity for the warring factions of the royal family to finally bury the hatchet.

Of course, there were those who hoped that the four days of international scrutiny would expose the dysfunction and hostility within the Windsor clan.

Many of the so-called journalists who make up the British tabloid press were members of the latter group of embittered trolls.

These people used to disguise their contempt for Meghan as concern for the Queen and the Crown, but many of them let their masks slip over the past week by rooting for the Jubilee to be a disaster.

It wasn’t, of course, but the worst of the bunch are currently inventing disasters and placing the blame on Meghan.

The chief hater is Dan Wootton of The Daily Mail, who claims that the royals were appalled by Meghan’s behavior last week.

In fact, Wootton claims, the Queen and company were so put off by Meghan’s "detached" aloofness that they now think she’s a bigger detriment to the family name than Prince Andrew.

Meghan, Andrew

Yes, we’re talking about the same Prince Andrew who paid off his sexual assault victim with money he borrowed from the Queen.

Dan Wootton is trying to sell the story that the royals prefer that guy to Meghan.

So yeah, either Wootton is seriously depraved or the royals are. Perhaps both!

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“I’ve learned some members of the Royal Family and many senior courtiers were horrified at the detached and cold appearance by the exiled couple, who had also made the decision to fly out of the country before the Queen had even made her historic Buckingham Palace balcony appearance, alongside Charles, Camilla and the Cambridges, on Sunday evening," he wrote in his latest column for the Mail.

According to Wootton, guests were promised that members of the Royal Family would be waiting around Buckingham Palace "to mingle and chat" with them during one event.

Disappointed guests who were left without a royal with which to hobnob "were told by organisers it was because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had turned down an invitation to attend."

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Apparently, this is an offense on par with the many atrocities that Andrew has been accused of.

"Prince Andrew is less of a pariah than Harry and Meghan as far as the family are concerned," one unnamed "royal insider" allegedly told Wootton,

"The public might be surprised, but within the family it is seen as if he didn’t do anything wrong. They have to believe that."

Andrew and Queen
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Wootton also faults Harry and Meghan for flying home on Sunday afternoon instead of remaining through the official conclusion of the Jubilee.

Again, this is apparently worse than making numerous trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking island, as Andrew did.

Now that they’re home, it seems that Harry and Meghan still have not escaped the long reach of the royal microscope.

Meghan Markle Forces a Smile
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"Courtiers are now watching closely to see if Harry and Meghan release any pictures of their weekend in the UK, especially their meeting with the Queen, in the coming weeks or months," Wootton writes.

Jeez, considering the royals think Harry and Meghan are worse than a literal sex criminal, you’d find a way to get over being so obsessed with the Sussexes!