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The world is very familiar with Kylie Jenner flaunting her body. It’s a central part of her personal brand.

Becoming a mother of two at a young age has not changed that.

Kylie’s latest thirst trap is so jaw-dropping that our first thought was "how long until Instagram deletes this?"

You can see her eye-popping "free the nipple" post below. Brace yourself.

Photo via Instagram


Many of us are accustomed to being thirst-trapped on Instagram, but you don’t see nips like this every day.

Is it an optical illusion created by a creative print on a bikini top, one that only fools you out of the corner of your eye for a fraction of a second? Yes.

Photo via Instagram

But is it absolutely mind-breaking? Also yes.

(Unless you’re strictly booty-oriented, which we’ll acknowledge is a real possibility for Kylie’s hornier followers)

Kylie’s caption was nearly as eye-catching as the photos themselves.

"Free the nipple," is not an exact description of what she is doing.

Her actual human nipples are concealed behind the printed nipples on her trompe l’oeil Jean Paul Gaultier bikini top.

It’s called "The Naked Bikini" for obvious reasons, retails for $325, and is part of a collaboration with Lotta Volkava.

Photo via Instagram

"Free the nipple" is a motto used in protest of society and social media’s restrictions upon nipple displays.

The human body is heavily policed in our culture (and many others) in various toxic ways.

Women’s bodies are often the focus, though they are certainly not the only ones impacted.

Kylie Jenner Reclines, Flaunts Post-Baby Body
Photo via Instagram

From Tumblr’s 2018 ban on "female-presenting nipples" to Instagram’s notorious nipple policy, Kylie has to cover up in ways that most men do not.

Sexist bans on some nipples but not others are discrimination, and while this isn’t the biggest issue in the world, it does matter.

One particular group that is targeted over this is nursing mothers, who sometimes get mom-shamed by misogynistic weirdos simply for feeding their babies.

Photo via Instagram

But it doesn’t sound like Kylie is actually weighing in on issues of censorship and sexism. Not in a serious way.

Instead, she used the common hashtag as a reference to her eye-catching bikini top, which she clearly was eager to show off to fans and followers.

It’s like thirst-commenters writing "normalize breastfeeding" under a photo of Henry Cavill. Serious motto, non-serious application.

Kylie Jenner: Secretly Pregnant?
Photo via Instagram

Is Kylie making light of a serious topic, or just having a bit of playful fun with words? Both?

We don’t claim to be the arbiter of all things, least of all a topic this delicate.

We can conclusively say, however, that Kylie continues to be an absolute knockout, no matter what kind of bikini top she is — or is not — wearing.

Kylie In Gold
Photo via Instagram

Kylie has been very open about her own body issues, improbable as they may sound.

Remember, she is a mother of two. Pregnancy and childbirth can change the human body in major and sometimes unexpected ways.

She has opened up about postpartum struggles to "bounce back" and be "perfect," reminding people that it’s okay to not be okay.