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Even though Kylie Jenner is still holding things back, she has been open about some aspects of birthing Baby #2.

Postpartum life is hard, Kylie acknowledged recently.

She told her fans and followers that she had gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy.

Now, after stunning weight loss, Kylie is flaunting her post-baby body in some glorious bikini thirst traps.

Kylie Jenner Reclines, Flaunts Post-Baby Body
Photo via Instagram

Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner showcased her incredible body.

Lounging beside the pool, Kylie flaunted her toned abs, giving them some fresh air while a hat rested on top of her face.

"Pina colada please," she captioned the photo, a follow-up pic showing that she had, indeed, secured the beverage.

Photo via Instagram

The day before, Kylie had posted another, similar pic.

She showcased herself resting on top of a surfboard, reclining in a way that showed off her figure to full effect.

"Happy girl," Kylie casually captioned the photo, alongside a string of emojis.

Photo via Hulu

Kylie gave birth to her second child in February — barely more than three months ago.

She previously shared with her fans that she gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy.

"Down 40 pounds," Kylie shared recently. "Just trying to be healthy and patient."

Photo via YouTube

Kylie also shared at that time that "walking/pilates is my favorite combo."

That is an excellent idea for regular exercise that is unlikely to slow her healing or cause injuries.

The true key to exercise is for it to be something that people can repeat every day.

Photo via Instagram

In March, just over a month after welcoming her baby boy, Kylie opened up to her followers on her Instagram Story.

"Postpartum has not been easy," she confided honestly. "It’s very hard."

Kylie added: "This experience for me, personally, has been a little harder than with my daughter."

Photo via Instagram

“We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be back," Kylie emphasized.

"Not just physically, mentally after birth," she emphasized.

Kylie concluded: "Just sending some love.”

Photo via YouTube

Of course, we have to refer to "Kylie and Travis’ son" or "Baby #2" because we do not actually know his name.

At first, Kylie revealed that their son was named "Wolf," which would be devastating on job applications if Kylie’s children would ever have to go through that process in their lives.

Later, she issued a correct, sharing that the had changed his name because "Wolf" did not actually fit their human child. You don’t say.

There may come a day when Stormi asks why Kylie and Travis didn’t have a change of heart about her name, too.

For now, however, she is four years old, and also doesn’t know that she was born just weeks after the world learned the name "Stormy Daniels."

But Kylie has yet to divulge what Stormi’s younger brother’s new name is. That’s an unusual situation.

Photo via Instagram

As for Kylie’s weight loss … Kylie lost at least 40 pounds in less than 14 weeks.

That comes out to three pounds (or less) per week, which is actually relatively in the safe range for weight loss.

It’s not attainable for everyone, but Kylie is young, genetically fortunate, and possesses limitless resources so that she can have the most optimal diet and exercise routine imaginable.