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90 Day Fiance viewers have recoiled in discomfort at Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween’s story.

Some fans have likened the gauntlet of lies, manipulations, and mind games to the premise of a Lifetime movie.

Against all common sense, it appears that Bilal and Shaeeda are married.

In this clip, Bilal ambushes her with his prenup plans, and picked the worst possible time to do it.

Bilal Hazziez certainly enjoys his little “pranks” on Shaeeda Sween.

In this sneak peek clip for Season 9, Episode 10 of 90 Day Fiance, he takes her on a ferris wheel ride.

Shaeeda is already anxious about the height and the clear floors.

Shaeeda affirms that Bilal is the one for her. She also mentions that she wants kids. While Bilal is still shying away from saying “well I don’t,” he does open up about his fears — of another divorce, and especially of another divorce involving new children. That’s not the whole truth, but it’s the truth. Progress.

Now that he has her in a confined space, Bilal springs his little “surprise.”

Pretending that his goal is to take her mind off of things, he brings up some paperwork.

“It’s probably not the best time,” Bilal understates while holding a nervous Shaeeda’s hand.

They have a serious conversation — Bilal explains how disrespected he felt by her striking him, however gently, on the head. Shaeeda chalks this up to a cultural difference. They both realize that they don’t know each other as well as they thought. Notably, this is not the first lecture that Shaeeda has gotten from Bilal, but it may be the first that she actually needed to hear.

“We got an email,” Bilal announces.

He says that the email contained “The contract, the marriage contract, the prenup.”

Bilal then offers: “I’ll show you a little bit about what it looks like.”

Bilal then says some very dismissive things to her, acting as if she has her head in the clouds and is being unrealistic, instead of just telling her — as he should have long ago — that he’s no longer at a place in life when he wants to have more children. He does this right in front of his family.

Shaeeda understands what he means … and is unhappy about it.

The mood drops like a stone.

This is not the first time that Bilal has blindsided Shaeeda. Presumably, it will not be the last.

“I am in complete shock right now,” Shaeeda admits to the camera in her confessional.

“Before I came here,” she says, “Bilal had only mentioned the idea of a prenuptial agreement.”

“And,” Shaeeda states, “I was adamant that it was not for me.”

Bilal reveals that he has completely hidden his wealth from Shaeeda. His fiancee, his spiritual wife and his future lawful wife, has never seen his home, only a blank wall behind his head. She doesn’t know what car he drives, either. So, Bilal is pretty confident that she loves him for him.

“And we didn’t speak about it again,” Shaeeda described.

“I did not even know that he was still thinking about a prenuptial agreement,” she admitted.

Shaeeda continued: “Let alone having a lawyer write up a copy.”

“So I guess this is your way of wooing me,” Shaeeda asks Bilal flatly on the ferris wheel.

Bilal later reflected upon his mistake, for some reason forgetting her fear of heights.

Blaming timing, he admitted that his plan “backfired.” So ends the sneak peek … but not the dispute.

To the camera, she notices that Bilal is just putting her down and changing the subject when kids come up. How much more of this is she going to put up with?

Shaeeda had thought that their one conversation about prenups was once-and-done.

But is she really surprised that Bilal simply stopped discussing it while making his own decision behind her back?

This seems to be how he operates. He has done the same with his choice to not have more children.

Bilal Hazziez Pranks Shaeeda Sween with Dilapidated House on 90 Day Fiance (Recap)

As we have noted in the past, prenups are not a bad thing — and they’re not just for rich people.

Legitimate prenups, ironed out by attorneys, give couples control of their financial futures instead of relying upon state law.

But this is not a referendum on prenups, but about how Bilal approached the topic with Shaeeda.