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It’s been over six months since Josh Duggar was convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography.

It wasn’t until last month, however, that Josh was sentenced to 11 and a half years in prison.

But his wife, Anna Duggar, has known since last year that she would be on her own, with the couple’s seven kids, for a very long time.

That means, of course, that she’s had several months to plot her next move.

Josh Duggar is a Bad Dad
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It’s been widely rumored that Anna is planning to divorce Josh as a result of his crimes.

But alas, it seems that those reports are the product of wishful thinking.

“She won’t move on with another man,” a source close to the situation recently told Us Weekly.

“They don’t believe in divorce.”

Josh Duggar Looks Happy
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As for what Anna does plan to do — well, it seems that she’ll continue to pray for guidance and remain loyal to her disgraced husband.

“They look up to God and pray tirelessly for their family,” the source tells Us.

The insider notes that Josh and his wife remain “very devout” in their beliefs, adding:

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar
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“She’s going to stand by her husband and she’s going to continue raising their kids to the best of her ability.”

There are, of course, practical reasons for Anna’s decision.

If she were to leave Josh, she would lose the support of the Duggar family, and with seven kids to support and no income, that’s probably not a move that she can afford to make.

Anna Keller Duggar Photo

But there are members of the extended Duggar clan who believe that Anna has to part ways with Josh for the sake of her children.

Amy Duggar — who long ago cut ties with Josh and his parents — has published several open letters to Anna in which she encourages her to end her marriage and seek safer circumstances.


No woman wants to be in your shoes,” Amy recently wrote on Instagram.

Amy Duggar Has Tea to Spill
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“You’re faced with an impossible decision and you’re being surrounded by the wrong kind of support. You’ve been taught since you were a child that marriage is forever and you prayed for God to send you a partner,” Amy continued.

“You’ve constructed a life and a family with him. You didn’t choose any of this, and your kids certainly didn’t either.”

Amy’s comments do not come from a place of judgment, and she seems genuinely concerned about the welfare of her cousin-in-law.

Josh and Anna Duggar and Fam

“There is no shame in divorcing Josh,” she recently reminded Anna.

“Someday your kids will be old enough to understand what kind of guy their father really is. … Josh has chosen how history will remember him,” Amy continued.

“By staying and supporting him you’re allowing him to choose that for you, too. And I know standing up to all of this seems impossible now, but as a Mama, your instinct to protect your kids always.”

Anna and Josh Duggar And Baby
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Anna, of course, has yet to reply to Amy’s desperate missives, and it seems very unlikely that she ever will.

In all likelihood, Anna has made up her mind and will wait for Josh as he remains behind bars for at least the next decade.

And unfortunately, that means he’ll have access to his children when he’s eventually released — which is a terrifying thought.