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Emma Hernan is single.

But the Selling Sunset star at last admitted on the recent Season 5 reunion that she’s been mingling a little bit.

Without her clothes on.

With a certain someone who knows Emma’s co-star, Christine Quinn, in very intimate fashion.

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How juicy, right?!?

Almost immediately after Hernan joined the Oppenheim Group on Season 4 of this Netflix series, it became evident there was tension between her and Quinn.

It didn’t take long for astute observers and Internet sleuths to piece together the basis for this feud: Both women had dated the same man, although both relationships also appeared to be in the past.

But then the cast reunited on air to close out Season 5, during whichh time Hernan addressed those Ben Affleck rumors, along with chatter that she was into newcomer Micah.

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"I’m single. I’m enjoying life," Erica told host Tan France, adding:

"Whether it be with a new person I’m dating, whether it’s Micah, whether it’s my ex… I’m single, I don’t have to answer to anybody.

"I’m living my best life, I might spend time with my ex. It might be fun."

Your ex, huh, Erica? Please. Tell us more…

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"You still smashing?” France hilariously asked of Hernan and her unnamed past (and present?) lover.

“I mean… look it…” Emma said, hesitating, as Mary Fitzgerald and the rest of the cast began to laugh.

“Has he had this season’s empanadas?” Tan continued, pressing the issue by using a euphemism referring to Emma’s date with Micah this past season.

“Like my new flavor? The newest flavor?” Emma quipped. “He might have tested the newest flavor."

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A-HA! There we have it. At last.

“I’m very honest, I keep it 100," Hernan added, saying on stage that co-star Chelsea Lazkani had met this mystery man.

“He’s very attractive, so if she wants to dibble-dabble in her ex, be my guest," Lazkani then remarked, telling her colleague:

"Do what you gotta do, girl!"

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Emma couldn’t even pretend at that point, going on to repeat she and her former flame weren’t technically an item… but they’ve “double-dipped” and “gone back for seconds."

Good for them, right?

And good for Selling Sunset Season 6, which has already been confirmed by Netflix.

We’re already got ourselves a storyline, folks!