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It’s been a roller coaster couple of months for Christina Haack.

In April we learned that Haack had gotten married to Josh Hall.

Shortly thereafter, the couple announced that they would be starring in a new HGTV show that sounds a lot like the one in which Christina co-starred with her first husband, Tarek El Moussa.

But just as Haack’s joy was at its peak and all seemed right with the wotld, her second husband, Ant Anstead began to make trouble.

Christina and Ant

Anstead filed for sole custody of Hudson, his 2-year-old son by Christina, alleging that the boy had been mistreated while in Haack’s care.

It seems that the Celebrity IOU host hit the roof upon learning that Hudson had appeared in sponsored content posts on Christina’s Instagram page.

According to documents filed by his lawyers last week, Anstead requests:

Ant Anstead, Son

"I be awarded sole legal custody of Hudson, or, in the alternative, for an order restraining both Christina (and me) from using Hudson or Hudson’s likeness or image in any commercial endeavor, social media paid promotion, television or streaming program, or which might otherwise commodify Hudson without the express advanced written consent of both parents in writing."

Anstead also claimed that Hudson is allergic to one of the products that he helped to advertise.

Over the weekend, Haack issued a statement in which she addressed Anstead’s unexpected attack on her character.

Christina Anstead Car Selfie

"What Ant is doing deeply saddens me. If this was really about Hudson, as he says, this should have been handled privately with a private judge or mediation, as myself and my attorney have suggested," she said.

"I have had my share of ups and downs but I am a good mom and I love my children with all my heart and I will always protect them."

Haack’s lawyers also addressed the allegations with a lengthy statement in which they note that Hudson has frequently appeared in Ant’s social media posts, as well.

"Both parties are public figures and TV personalities," the attorneys wrote.

"The minor Hudson has appeared in social media for both Petitioner [Hall] and Respondent [Anstead] based on their prior agreement and Respondent has used the minor’s likeness and image in commercial posts.

"Mr. Anstead had agreed to Hudson being in both parties’ social media," the statement continued.

"Prior to the filing of Respondent’s Request for Order, Petitioner agreed that NEITHER party would have Hudson on ANY social media, compensated or not," the lawyers noted.

"Mr. Anstead rejected that proposal because he uses Hudson to promote his business on his social media."

Josh also responded to the allegation, and it’s clear that he’s quite upset about the allegations made by Ant:

Josh Hall and Christina Haack

“I am not these kids biological father, they have those," Hall wrote on Instagram.

"What I will be is the best example of a quality human being, always show them how to treat their mother with respect and support them in any way I can during their development,” he added.

“I will always protect her, keep her safe and no one will hurt her with me in the picture. She doesn’t bother anyone, she deserves the same in return. I will ensure that’s the case.”

Christina Haack and Josh Hall

Anstead has not yet withdrawn his petition, and it’s likely that he and Haack will eventually wind up in court.

In the wake of two high-profile divorces, another messy legal battle is probably the last thing that Christina wants.

Fortunately, she can count on the support of a fiercely loyal new husband.