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Usually, when someone has been mega-famous for as long as Britney Spears, fans tend to feel like they know just everything about the celeb’s life.

But Britney’s case is unusual, in that for most of her career, she’s been censored and restricted by the terms of her conservatorship.

So in a sense, we’re just now getting to know the real Britney.

And it’s clear that the pop icon is eager to introduce herself to her legion of adoring fans.

Britney Spears in April 2022

These days, Britney is pregnant with her third child, and possibly as a result of this joyous development, the singer finds herself in a reflective mood.

Earlier this week, Britney posted a black and white photo from her early teen years.

In a lengthy caption that has since been deleted, the singer considered the many ways in which her life has changed, for better or worse, in the decades since the pic was taken.

Photo via Instagram

"13 was the age I actually felt kinda pretty," Spears captioned the post, according to UK tabloid The Daily Mail.

"I think my rebellious days were due to the fact that I always had to be perfect and pretty … then I went to the extremes and went wild and naughty… but in those rebellious days I honestly still felt hot as f–k !!!" she added.

Spears went on to say that the 13-year conservatorship led by her father damaged her in ways she’s only now beginning to realize.

Britney in Vegas

"One thing the conservatorship did to me … and one of the things that hurt me the most … is that I was always being told I was fat and never good enough [sic]!!! My dad always made me feel like I had to try … try … try !!! BIG TIME !!!" the singer wrote.

"He ruined the deep seed of my existence … the seed that made me feel beautiful like when I was 13 … my confidence … my swag … my inner dialogue … and yes even my sex life … all completely ruined !!!" she continued.

"He made me feel ugly … therefore I was!!!"

Photo via Instagram

Spears went on to state that this sort of "uncomfortable conversation is great," and she obviously has the greatest appreciation for her newfound freedom to express herself in this manner.

"Trust me … feeling pretty is a whole different world … I know because I’ve witnessed both !!! If that makes some people feel uncomfortable … GOOD … uncomfortable conversation is great !!!" she wrote.

"The moment the conservatorship was over … I felt so good about myself !!! And guess what … I stopped trying so damn hard and yes I entered a whole new world [sic]!!!

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

"I felt beautiful … therefore I was [sic]!!! I might feel that way but the psychological damage from my dad and EVERY SINGLE F***ING person who went along with it will always be there [sic]!!! What you think … therefore you are !!! I kinda feel 13 again [sic]!!!" Britney concluded.

In a separate post, Ms. Spears shared photos of a poem she wrote several years ago that touched on many of these same issues.

"I used to write all the time !!!,’ she captioned the pic.

"I had 133 pages … so dumb that I remember … which is actually a lot of poems !!! I had written them in my son’s 5th grade binder that he gave to me [sic]… I had an idea to make a book with it and I thought "Is this work too personal ???"’ Britney explained.

She then revealed that much of her work mysteriously disappeared (read: was destroyed by her conservators) when she went away on tour.

"It was by far the best work I had ever done … then I went on tour came back and absolutely all of it was gone … most will say she’s playing the victim but I honestly just say it like it is," she captioned the post.

"I probably suck and have no idea but I enjoy it … so I do it … it’s so nice to share with you !!!"

Britney’s modesty is refreshing, but if there’s one thing she’ll never hear from her loyal fan base it’s that she "sucks" in any way, shape, or form!