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Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham were not shy about their feelings for one another on The Ultimatum.

The reality stars were integral cast members on Season 1 of this Netflix sensation, arriving on the scene in long-term relationships… and yet being sent off to live with each other for three weeks.

Would they want to return afterward and marry their significant other?

Would they want to start a relationship with each other? Or would they want to sever all romantic ties and walk away from the program single?

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This is the premise of the entire show, as multiple members of multiple couples were faced with the same situation and forced to ponder the same questions.

Williams and Cunningham stood out, however.

Yes, the former started out the season by saying she wanted to get engaged to boyfriend Zay Wilson; and, yes, the latter showed up alongside April Marie, who very much wanted a ring on her finger after two years of dating.

But Jake and Rae got along VERY well during their run as roommates.

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The photo above makes it evident just how well.

Williams and Cunningham made out often on screen, prompting many viewers to wonder if this was all the twosome did.

They were attracted to each other. They were living together. They were basically given a blank check by their partners.

Did they ever advance past first base?!?

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“Jake and I, we had a strict rule as far as physical things went,” Rae told Us Weekly this month.

“I kissed him a lot. I was one who initiated kissing with him, but we didn’t take it past kissing. And that was really important to both of us.”

According to Williams, she and Jake “definitely both felt guilty” about their chemistry on the series.

She explained as much to this same tabloid:

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“The whole time that you’re going on these romantic dates and you’re connecting and you’re living with this person living your day-to-day life with them — in the back of your mind is always the jealousy that you have toward your original partner and what they’re experiencing.

"And then just the guilt for, like, sometimes [I’d] get really happy and I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m so happy right now. I love hanging out with this guy. I can’t wait to go home and cook dinner with him and watch a movie and do whatever.’

"And then I was like, ‘I should not feel like this.’”

No, not ideally.

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But Cunningham backed up Rae when asked just how far the Netflix personalities took things.

"Me and Rae were very respectful doing the whole situation,” he told Us Weekly.

“No matter how it looks, we did not have sex. The only thing we did was kiss. I slept in a separate bed for the first five days on the show.

“So honestly, I was very respectful. … April was doing a lot more than I was. So at that time, I felt okay about what I was doing.”

Jake Cunningham and April Melohn

And now?

"Now that the season has aired and now that Jake and April have seen the other’s actions on screen and decided to go their separate ways?

"After everything I found out and after I saw her true colors on the show, absolutely not [would I get back together with her]," Jake recently said, concluding:

"I even tried to be cordial with her and be acquaintances or somewhat friends after. She was still playing a whole bunch of games after the show and I’m not okay with that.

"I’m happy to do my own thing.”