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It’s become known simply as The Ultimatum.

But the complete name of this Netflix reality show — which has become a viral sensation and which forces couples to choose between their long-time partner… a member of the opposite sex with whom they’ve been living for three weeks… or simply themselves — is The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.

Along those lines?

Jake Cunningham wants to make it clear that he’s moved on.

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Speaking to In Touch Weekly about his former co-star and girlfriend, April Melohn, Cunningham was asked this week whether the pair might ever get back together.

And this is what he said:

"After everything, after everything I found out and after I saw her true colors on the show. Absolutely not.

"I even tried to be cordial with her and be acquaintances or somewhat friends after.

"She was still playing a whole bunch of games after the show and I’m not okay with that — I’m happy to do my own thing.”

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April was the one who gave Jake the, well, ultimatum on air of getting engaged or breaking up after two years of dating.

The couple them embarked on an eight-week journey that involved each shacking up with a different mock marriage partner.

Cunningham and Melohn then gave their own trial marriage a shot… and concluded that they weren’t meant to be.

During filming, April actually had a pregnancy scare, further placing strain on her romance with Jake.

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“I told everybody outside of the show, I was going to fertility appointments and dealing with this off set and then rushing back like nothing happened,” April told Life & Style of the experience, adding:

“I tried to not talk about it, but I think when people started to dig at me about, ‘Well, Jake doesn’t wanna have kids,’ and so I finally just blew up.

"Because I was just like, ‘This is what I’m going through. Shut up. I don’t care about your opinion.

"’Sit down and leave me alone. Don’t tell me what he thinks.’"

Jake Cunningham and April Melohn

Speaking with this tame tabloid, Jake offered his side of the story.

“The pregnancy scare … well, we’ve been down that road quite a bit,” he said.

“She’s done that a lot to me. So, I didn’t really think too much of it. … If we did end up having a kid, I would’ve taken care of it and I would’ve been the best dad for that kid.”

It sure sounds like Jake doesn’t exactly buy what April was selling at the time, does it?

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Melohn, meanwhile, probably doesn’t care at this point.

Just a few days, she uploaded the photo directly above of Cody Cooper, a new boyfriend she seems to like A LOT.

"One day… you’re gonna meet someone. And they’re gonna make you realize… That there was never anything wrong with you," wrote April as a caption to the snapshot, taking a very passive aggressive shot at her ex.

Probably best these two didn’t end up together, huh?