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Late last year, during her infamous brother’s trial, Jill Duggar went blonde, sporting platinum locks.

Making over an appearance can be a therapeutic (fortunately Jill has also gone to actual therapy), and it looks great, too.

Now, Jill is pregnant with her third child, a rainbow baby.

She just touched up her hair and is looking absolutely gorgeous.

Bringing home a newborn means not having much time to commit to anything other than childcare.

Already having two small children makes that even tougher.

Jill and Derick are bracing for a period of months when they’ll struggle to even get a night’s sleep, and hair appointments will be out of the question.

Jill Duggar blonde again on IG Story (April 2022)

Wisely, she’s thinking ahead and getting her hair done in the here and now, before Baby #3 comes along.

On Tuesday, April 6, Jill took to Instagram to show off her latest updated look.

It can be tough to stand out in a sprawling family of generically pretty white brunettes, but Jill has managed it in spades.

The 30-year-old soon-to-be-mother-of-three had the coloring work done at the Blonde Salon, which is clearly aptly named.

Her blonde locks are long and glowing, with no trace of her natural hair color in sight.

We have all seen dye jobs that could have used the touch of a professional, but Jill doesn’t have any roots showing or "green" looking tresses.

Jill and Derick didn’t actually announce the pregnancy until the final days of February.

Having previously suffered a miscarriage, the Dillards are looking forward to Baby #3 being a "rainbow baby."

This term has come to refer to the next child born following a miscarriage.

Jill Duggar with the Fam

Israel David is 7 years old.

Samuel is 4.

With this kind of age spacing, Jill and Derick are doing their best to keep from being overwhelmed … but that’s hard to do with three kids of any ages.

Recently, the couple revealed that they are expecting a son.

Some families produce daughter after daughter. This one churns out son after son.

Unless you’re super weird about gender, a child is a child, and worthy of celebration — and we’re sure that Jill and Derick are doing just that.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard with Covid

By the way, Derick has also finally attained attorney status.

(The journey to become a lawyer does not happen overnight, after all)

Depending upon what he ends up doing with his legal career, he and Jill could attain levels of financial independence that are all but unprecedented in the Duggar cult.

Jill Duggar Pregnant, In Jeans

Yes, many other Duggars (or Duggar spouses) have jobs, but they are often reliant upon others in the family and cult.

A construction company that primarily works on houses that are being flipped by another member of the church isn’t exactly independent, right?

But Derick could have a lot of options in the future … or he could use his law degree to make the world a worse place in light of some of his more bigoted views.

Jill Duggar Embarks on a Hair Journey

Right now, however, we’re sure that the Dillard family’s attention is turned towards the upcoming birth.

Baby #3 is due early this summer, likely in July.

Maybe Jill will have a chance to touch up her blonde bombshell look again before the end of the year.