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Last week, a surprising development took place in London, and for once, the British tabloid press was at a loss for words.

On their way to attend the Invictus Games in the Hague, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stopped and visited the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

It was the couple’s first trip to the UK since they departed for a new life in North America back in 2020.

The visit poked holes in the popular narrative which holds that Harry and Meghan are on the outs with the entire royal family, and no one is more furious at them than the Queen, who remains indignant over the couple’s public acts of disrespect.

Liz, Meghan, Harry
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If Elizabeth was ever outraged in the manner described by the tabloids, then it seems obvious that she’s overcome those feelings.

Of course, the most likely explanation remains that she was never as furious as the press liked to think.

Was she happy with Meghan’s Oprah interview?

Queen Elizabeth II Outside
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Certainly not — but it seems that she was aware then, as she is now, that the unity of her family and the strength of the royals as an institution is far more important than any petty grievances she might be harboring toward her granddaughter-in-law,

So it was that the Queen welcomed Harry and Meghan with open arms when they swung through London last week.

Apparently, the visit went quite well, with Harry telling the press at the Invictus Games that his grandmother passed on an inspiring message for the athletes of Team UK.

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"So, it was great to see her and I’m sure she would love to be here if she could," Harry said.

And it seems that Elizabeth might be seeing the Sussexes again in the very near future.

Yes, according to a new report from The Daily Mail, Harry and Meghan have been invited to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration in June.

Meghan, Harry, Elizabeth
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The invite was reportedly extended personally by Elizabeth, and while the Sussexes will not have an official role in the celebration, they will apparently be joining the rest of the family front and center.

We don’t know for sure how the other royals are handling this news, but if we had to guess, we would say not well!

Harry did meet up with his father, Prince Charles, during his time in London, but sources say the terse meeting between the two men lasted for less than 15 minutes.

Prince Charles Snapshot
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Interestingly,Harry did not meet up with Prince William, who was reportedly on a ski vacation with his wife, Kate Middleton, and their children.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl says that Harry and William are not currently on speaking terms.

She claims that Harry is hoping to hire a mediator to help him mend his relationship with his brother.

Harry and William

"Harry, I’m told, suggested perhaps that they might get some sort of a mediator […] to make some progress," the royal expert told Entertainment Tonight this week.

"It was something that he had suggested to his father. He’s made it very clear that he wants to sort things out. He wants things to be improved."

In other words, Harry is back on good terms with the Queen, but the rest of his family is still angry.

Prince Harry in Grey Suit

We’re sure he’s okay with that.

After all, she’s the only one in the family with any real power!