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Benjamin Brown is the nephew of Kody Brown.

It’s an extremely complicated web to try and sort through in order to figure out how, exactly, he’s related to the Sister Wives star in this manner, considering…

… Janelle Brown’s mother married Kody’s dad, meaning Janelle and Kody were step-siblings when they got together.

… … Kody and Christine Brown are fourth cousins.

Benjamin Brown

… Robyn Brown was previously married to Kody’s third cousin and Christine’s first cousin.

It’s a confusing situation all around, but Benjamin knows all about polygamy as a result and he recently went on TikTok to tear into the entire concept.

Simply and sadly put?

“We were abused,” Brown told followers of his own experience inside of a plural marriage.

Kody Brown on a Sister Wives Episode
Photo via Instagram

Benjamin didn’t delve into any of these details.

We don’t know if he meant physically abused or mentally abused or what.

But Brown did go on to say that "polygamist families where the children receive adequate care are rare," adding that he doesn’t watch Sister Wives, but has an issue overall with the way this religion is often portrayed on television.

It bothers Benjamin when proggrams “paint Mormon polygamy as fun and nice and happy because in my experience, it’s not.”

Janelle Brown Poster

To also be clear and fair, however, Benjamin isn’t coming down on Kody and company in this manner.

He even emphasized during his TikTok video:

“My experience with the Sister Wives family is that they are really, really good with their kids.

"By far better than the average polygamist family."

Meri and Kody Brown Poster
Photo via TLC

This actually does seem to track, too.

We’ve voiced our opinion of Kody himself on numerous occasions, labeling him as selfish and sexist for the way he treats his spouses.

It got to the point, as you must very well know, that Christine Brown announced in November she was leaving her spiritual husband and moving back to her native state of Utah.

She seems very, very happy there, too.

Kody Brown on the Show Sister Wives

As for Kody’s 18 kids, however?

They seem mostly well-adjusted.

Yes, various problems have received publicity of late, most of them having to do with the COVID-19 pandemic and Kody’s cautious reaction to it.

He refused to accompany daughter Ysabel to her back surgery in New Jersey awhile back, for example, as a result… and Kody admitted this spring that he isn’t speaking to his sons at the moment.

Photo via TLC

But at least Kody has recognized that there’s work to be done in this area.

"Being a parent is a lot more about being in love with your children and connecting with them than it is about being wise as a parent," Kody said in a Cameo video after Sister Wives Season 16 aired.

"Parental wisdom is something that has escaped me," he continued.

"But that’s mostly because I’m looking back now at the mistakes."

Kody Brown on New Season

Well, the good thing is this:

It’s never too late to fix said mistakes.

It’s never too late to be there for your children.