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Kendall Jenner knows that many of her fans are very interested in her body.

She’s a model. She’s a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. She’s also a major hottie. It goes with the territory.

But there are limits to what is and is not appropriate to say directly to her, in her comments, about her body.

Kendall doesn’t want to hear about what you’d do to her toes. She’ll block you.

Photo via Instagram

Kendall Jenner took to Instagram to share a series of photos of herself.

In the pics, she is wearing a colorful dress with an interesting pattern.

She is also sporting a pair of black platform sandals for her footwear.

Photo via Instagram

These are known as "open-toed shoes," meaning that it does not cover the ends of her feet and thus leaves her toes exposed.

Kendall, being no stranger to exactly what people think and say on social media, stayed one step ahead of weirdo commenters.

"I’m blocking all toe comments," she joked in the caption of the pics.

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Before we get into what that means, we should note that Kendall’s warning was flatly ignored by several famous accounts.

Kylie chimed in, teasing her older sister with "I love them" with two foot emojis.

Khloe challenged the warning, asking "Hahahaha even from me??" She added: "I love your big ass toe."

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Kris alone stopped short of putting a toe over the line, so to speak.

The famous momager simply wrote: "God I love you."

Say what you might about Kris, but she adores her children (and grandchildren).

Photo via Instagram

So what was Kylie talking about when she preemptively admonished her followers?

Simply put, some people are foot fetishists, and sexualize feet — along with ankles and toes — in ways more traditionally reserved for breasts, butts, and genitals.

Most of us might glance at Kendall’s photo without noticing her toes, but with the right wiring, bare toes are as attention-grabbing as freed nipples (or even more so).

Photo via Hulu

Of course, those of us who like butts or boobs or abs or other more traditional erogenous zones may be a bit more reserved about commenting on them.

Like, it’s an Instagram comment, not your private Lust Journal for all of your Horny Thoughts. Drop an "eyes" emoji and move on.

For some individuals with an interest in feet and toes, having an interest outside of societal norms also means making comments that, well, stand out.

Photo via Hulu

We can only imagine what sorts of comments Kendall has gotten over the years — even before she was an adult.

There are numerous celebrities who have expressed anxiety about posting photos including their feet, for fear of thirsty comments.

It’s likely that most foot fetishists are decent folks who don’t harass famous women, but it only takes a vocal minority to ruin everyone’s fun.

Photo via Instagram

Kendall would know a thing or two about foot fetishists.

For years, her sister Kylie very famously dated one: Tyga.

Tyga’s profound interest in feet and toes influenced Kylie’s fashion sense, from toenail polish to wearing clear footwear, for years.