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On the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 5 Tell All, Ben and Mahogany were in the hotseat.

Castmates put Ben on blast, especially after he picked at their relationships.

One of Ben’s own friends called him out, labeling Mahogany as a "victim" and Ben as a "narcissist."

After all of that, Ben says that the only thing threatening to ruin things with Mahogany is the show itself.

Ben Rathbun talks about counseling couples as a pastor

Ben Rathbun started Season 5 looking like a gullible fool, but that’s not how most viewers see him how.

We all watched as he flew down to Peru against Mahogany Roca’s wishes, consistantly pushing past her boundaries.

While there are lingering questions about her choices, nothing compares to watching Ben chase her into and then out of a vehicle.

Ben Rathbun tries to get into the car with Mahogany Roca anyway

Though things ended in that eye-catching way during their season, things were better on the Tell All.

Addressing their castmates, Mahogany owned up to her lie about her age.

She (very wisely) explained how it’s smarter to not share exact details about her age and her life with a brand new internet "friend."

Gino Palazzolo and Ben Rathbun fist-bump over not giving up

Mahogany also explained why she refused to video chat with Ben.

Defending herself to Ben’s friend Jessica, she explained that Ben had asked if she wanted to chat "like a date," so she declined.

That is not the story that Ben had told people. It seemed almost like he wanted people to view her as dishonest.

Jasmine Pineda - pervert vibe

Jasmine chimed in, telling Ben what countless viewers had observed.

Between the 30-year age gap and Ben’s refusal to honor Mahogany’s boundaries and his endless pursuit of her … it was creepy.

What Jasmine called a "pervert vibe," others had already noted as creepy behavior.

Ben Rathbun in the park with Mahogany Roca, wants to marry 1 year later

Ben and Mahogany seemed to be in a "better" place, and the show played ample footage that Ben had recorded without production present.

Of course, Mahogany expressed a feeling of betrayal, admitting that she hadn’t realized that Ben would share all of this with the show.

That really put a sour lining on their otherwise sweet moments.

Then Jessica, formerly a critic (or skeptic) of Mahogany’s, tuning in to the Tell All and adjusting her view when presented with new information.

Jessica apologized to Mahogany, admitting that she now sees her as a "victim" not as a scammer.

She also put Ben on blast, labeling him a narcissist.

Following the Tell All, Ben took to Instagram to praise Mahogany for being "incredibly wise" for not blindly trusting him before they met.

“Yes, she wanted to meet me, and she loved me, but she rightly questioned my intentions when I came with an entire TV show to meet her for the first time,” he explained.

Ben added that she was not seeking attention or fame by appearing on the show.

Angry Mahogany Roca Walks Away From Ben Rathbun

“I made this impossible by convincing her to be on this show,” Ben said of her desire to get to know him.

“Was this all a mistake? It certainly damaged our relationship,” he reflected.

Ben wrote that a "lot has happened off-camera" and asked fans to not judge them too harshly, because they don’t have all of the information.