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Last week, 90 Day Fiance fan-favorites Anny Francisco and Robert Springs announced the tragic death of their 7-month-old son.

Countless fans expressed their sorrow, and castmates showered Anny and Robert with love and condolences in their time of grief.

Obviously, a lot of people had understandable questions, even while remaining sensitive to Anny and Robert.

Anny is shedding light upon the cause of death — and sharing the final photos of baby Adriel.

Adriel Hassan Springs was just 7 months old.

Anny has now revealed that he had gone into surgery prior to his passing, sharing his final photos with fans.

This is heartbreaking for us all, but most of all for Anny and Robert.

"These were the last photos before my son’s surgery," Anny wrote in Spanish on Instagram.

"Life is unfair," she attested.

Anny expressed: "I just wanted to have my children."

Anny Francisco Kisses Baby Adriel

As with the revelation that Adriel had passed away, there was an outpouring of messages of love, comfort, and sorrow.

Castmates like Larissa Lima and Armando Rubio wrote to Anny.

So, of course, have thousands of fans.

Anny did not reveal the cause of death for Adriel.

These topics are painful to discuss. Even when someone dies during surgery, the cause of death can be complicated.

However, she did hint at what may have taken place during her initial tragic announcement last week.

Last week, Anny wrote of Adriel that "he was a fighter."

However, she offered in explanation that "his heart couldn’t take it."

It is of course none of our business, but one has to grimly assume that Adriel had a heart defect and did not survive the surgery.

Many parents are familiar with the agonizing struggle of having a baby who needs surgery.

Infants can require major surgery at extremely young ages, some undergoing serious procedures even before leaving the hospital after being born.

It is a frightening prospect, but parents know that life-saving medical intervention is sometimes needed to save their child’s life.

In some cases, there is no happy ending and no "best option."

We do not know what condition Adriel may have had, or what surgery he may have undergone — we can only guess.

But it is possible that he would have passed away last week with or without surgery. Again, we do not know.

Photo via Instagram

What we know with certainty is that the entire family is now grieving this terrible loss.

Robert and Anny loved their baby boy, who was born last autumn.

And their daughter, Brenda Aaliyah Springs, was looking forward to being a big sister — and now has to learn about death at a very tender age.

Rober is also a father of several children from previous relationships.

Viewers loved his son, Bryson, who was his youngest before he and Anny married and started having children.

He’s an adorable young boy, and we can only imagine how he is processing this.

Our hearts continue to go out to the entire family.

While Anny and Robert have the emotional support of loved ones along with countless fans, nothing can make this easy.

Grief is a natural process, but processing pain takes time, and nothing can take away from this tragic loss.