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Early this year, Anna-Marie Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu announced that they were expecting their first child.

They were having their first child together — Anna’s fourth overall — via surrogate.

At the time, they had no idea that their baby would be born in a war zone as a mad despot tries to annex Ukraine.

After crossing multiple borders, Mursel being hospitalized, and more, the fan-favorite couple welcomed their baby boy.

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On Monday, April 25, the beloved beekeepers broke the news, with Anna writing a lengthy post on Instagram.

"Mursel and I are excited to announce the birth of our son!" she began.

"Gokhan John," Anna wrote, confirming her son’s name. "He was born 4/11/22, 5 weeks early."

"He’s doing amazing!" Anna assured her fans and followers.

"Just a small guy at 5.3 pounds 18 inches," she notes, describing a newborn within the normal range for length and barely below the normal range for weight.

"Our surrogate is also doing well!" Anna shared.

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"I was able to meet her," Anna-Marie detailed, "and she’s such an amazing woman!"

"We want to shout out to an amazing non-profit group, Dynamo Project," she expressed.

"Upon arrival to Poland we spoke with the group to start logistics of our travel into Ukraine," Anna wrote.

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"They asked to see Mursel’s Schengen Visa to see if it was a one entry or multi entry visa," Anna recalled.

"We found out it was a one time entry visa," she confirmed.

"So from there," Anna explained, "the plan was for Mursel to stay in Poland."

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"If he came with to Ukraine, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave," Anna reasoned.

"So I had to go into Ukraine alone," she added. Ukraine was and is a war zone.

With that in mind, Anna expressed: "Thank God for this amazing group Dynamo Project!"

"I didn’t have to go alone," Anna affirmed.

"They planned the logistics including travel into ukraine, a safe place to stay while in Ukraine, and travel while inside," she praised.

Anna added: "They were with me the entire time."

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"We left Warsaw with Project Dynamo," Anna narrated, "they crossed us across the border by foot and then transported us to a safer hotel."

She continued: "The next day I was transported to pick up our baby and get all of the documents completed while inside Lviv, Ukraine."

Then, things took a turn.

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"On our way back to the hotel, they told me Mursel was transported to the hospital via ambulance, due to heart pain," Anna revealed.

"A member of Project Dynamo stayed with him until I was able to meet him," she shared, "so he wouldn’t be lost in the shuffle."

Anna continued: "Then I was transported to the border and walked across into Poland with the baby."

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"They got me to the hospital where Mursel was," Anna praised.

"The tests came back that his heart was ok," she assured followers, "and bloodwork came back ok."

"So," Anna went on, "we went back to Warsaw after."

"Dynamo Project helped with that also," Anna noted. "This is such an amazing group!"

"They go into countries with wars and hostile environments to help people get out!" she praised.

"They have helped numerous people in Ukraine get out of towns," Anna added. "They’ve moved surrogates and babies."

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"We will forever be grateful to them!" Anna declared.

Certainly, that is one of the most eventful childbirth stories that any of us are likely to read.

We’re glad that everyone involved is safe and well. We continue to be heartbroken for the people of Ukraine, but we are happy for Anna-Marie and Mursel!