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Ximena Morales came clean on Sunday night.

About a past that some might refer to as dirty.

The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days was featured on the March 27 episode of this TLC reality series, breaking up with boyfriend Mike Berk.

Viewers watched as Berk packed his bags to fly out of Colombia, with Ximena giving Mike back the engagement rings and the wedding bands he had already purchased.

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“You do realize that you’re losing the best thing that you could have ever had?” Mike hurled at Morales, who was unfazed by the diss.

Ximena replied that the best thing in her life is her kids — and everything else will always be secondary.

Like a jerk, Berk shot back that for the 18 months they had been dating, he had been keeping her “secure” in her home… so that she wouldn’t be “out on the street” with her children.

“Just because you paid for my rent and you helped me doesn’t mean I’d be on the street,” Morales replied. “I can work as a model, and that’ll pay for my rent and food. Don’t worry."

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As it turns out, Morales has a history in this industry.

In a subsequent confessional, Ximena opened up more her financial arrangement with her ex.

“From the start, Mike wanted to help me, support me. I didn’t force him to send me money, he sent it on his own,” she explained.

“But I am a woman who’s capable of getting my own money for my things.”

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During their intense back-and-forth, Mike asked his co-star:

“What kind of modeling job are you gonna work for? Are you gonna go back to that adult internet job?”

Said Morales on air:

“And what’s wrong with that? You met me while I was working."

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“Here in Colombia, work is very hard to find. It’s hard, and what they pay is very little,” Ximena added in her confessional, defending the basis for why she formerly had a career in adult entertainment.

“Before I met Mike, I started working as a webcam model and that’s how we met, through the website.

"Mike is a little uncomfortable with people knowing I met him through a webcam website, but the truth is that he was always, every day he was there.

"And one day, he told me, ‘Get out of there, and I’ll help you.’ And from then on, he started helping me.”

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After Morales made it clear she didn’t want a future with Berk on this episode, the dude totally lost it.

“This only reinforces the fact that you were using me for money because right now, you’re cold and calculated,” he told the brunette beauty, prompting the following reply:

“If that’s what you think, then that’s it, this s–t is over. Don’t send me money, don’t do anything.

"Today, you’re going to sleep in a hotel and tomorrow, you’ll go home.”

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Mike, however, refused to leave, arguing that he paid the rent and wasn’t going anywhere.

He then ran upstairs and and told a producer:

“It makes me feel like s–t that nothing else mattered to her besides the money that I was sending her.

"For all I care, she can be a freakin’ adult entertainment model for all I care. She’s a mean, evil, cold, bitch. Hija de puta [daughter of a bitch].”

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What a sweetheart, huh?

Safe to say that Ximena Morales is better off without him.