Pete Davidson Parties With Scott Disick, Rubs New Friendship in Kanye's Face

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The ladies of the Kardashian clan have suffered some seriously shoddy treatment from the men in their lives.

Despite that, Kim and company have remained close with most of their high-profile exes, and it's not uncommon to see former partners pop up at family events.

Of course, the streak of civil breakups seems to have come to an end now, what with Kanye West stalking Kim and harassing Pete Davidson.

The rapper seems to think that if he bullies the couple hard enough, they'll go their separate ways, and Kim will take him back.

Kanye West at a Fight

For obvious reasons, that seems unlikely.

In fact, there's reason to believe that Kanye's efforts are bringing these two closer together.

Case in point, over the weekend, Pete spent some time hanging out with Kourtney's estranged baby daddy Scott Disick.

Pete, Scott

In most families, that might create some weirdness -- a new boyfriend hanging out with an old baby daddy.

But despite some turbulent times after Kourtney first got engaged to Travis Barker, Scott has remained close with both his ex and her family.

So Pete spending time with Disick is a sign of just how much the entire Kard clan has come to embrace the SNL star.

Pete Davidson on the Runway

Of course, Pete is 28, and hanging with Kim and cohort means spending time with a slightly older crowd.

And that might explain why this weekend's "boyz night" wasn't quite as thrilling as Davidson might have expected.

Disick documented the occasion in his Instagram Story, along with a sarcastic caption about his hard-partying ways.

Pete and Scott 1

“Boyz night was wild," he wrote, alongside a bunch of bed emojis.

Needless to say, the it was a pretty tame evening, but the fact that Scott felt comfortable telling the world that he was hanging out with Pete is significant.

After all, Kim just became "Instagram official" with Pete earlier this month.

Pete and Scott 2

The couple started hooking up back in October of last year, but when you have four kids and a psychotic ex, we suppose it's best to make sure the relationship has legs before you tell the whole world about it.

Kim spoke about Pete and their relationship for the first time during a pair of receint interviews -- one with Ellen DeGeneres and one for a Variety cover story promoting the Kardashians new Hulu series.

“I have not filmed with [Pete],” Kim told Variety.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson on Instagram

“And I’m not opposed to it. It’s just not what he does. But if there was an event happening and he was there, he wouldn’t tell the cameras to get away," she elaborated.

"I think I might film something really exciting coming, but it wouldn’t be for this season.”

Needless to say, these two are well past the stage where they're keeping their relationship under wraps and seeing where things go.

Kanye Gets Silenced

Scott and the rest of the family have gotten the memo that it's okay to hang out with Pete publicly, and it seems like Disick enjoys spending time with the comic.

Of course, posting pics with Pete is still a fairly risky move.

Now there's a very good chance that Scott will get an unflattering shoutout in Kanye's next Insta-rant.

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