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There will be no reconciliation for a pair of Vanderpump Rules stars.

On Tuesday, just about a week after announcing her split from husband Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney filed for divorce.

The cast members, whose relationship was at the center of this Bravo hit since 2013, had been a romantic item for 12 years and had been married for the last half dozen.

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Throwback

"I never thought I would have to make an announcement like this. But I feel it’s important that I’m open about my life with you," Maloney wrote on Instagram earlier this month.

"After 12 years on an adventure through life together Tom and I are ending our marriage.

"This ending is not met with resentment or animosity, no sides to choose," she continued.

"We have deep admiration for one another that will always remain and we cherish our friendship."

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The 35-year-old reality star has since filed her divorce paperwork at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

"Although we may be on different paths we will continue to love and support one another’s happiness.

"Thank you for all the kind words and support," Maloney concluded her announcement, which was accompanied by a carousel of photos of her and Tom.

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For his part, Schwartz chimed in as follows:

“Well this sucks.

"I’m not the victim. Not gonna write too sad a song.

"Fully respect Katie’s decision and we’ve had healthy, productive conversations about it. It would be far sadder if she decided to stay with me whilst not happy."

Schwartz and Katie Are Over

He went on:

"Fully respect Katie’s decision and we’ve had healthy, productive conversations about it. It would be far sadder if she decided to stay with me whilst not happy.

Tom added that "we had some of the most blissful, romantic, fun times humanly possible over the course of our relationship" and that Maloney has "taught me so much about love & being a better partner."

There are no hard feelings, that’s for certain.

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On last Friday’s  an episode of her You’re Going to Love Me podcast, meanwhile, Maloney tried to offer fans further details on what transpired between her and her now-ex-husband.

“I realized that I had to really start prioritizing myself and my happiness as well. It just needed to happen," Maloney said on air.

"That’s just what everything inside of me was saying, I thought it got to a point where I just felt like I was going to burst.

"For months, it was building up. I felt just disconnected. I felt like I was drifting further and further away."

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Maloney referred to the separation as a "tender topic" and added that she would expound on what happened at some point down the line.

She also said the pair had been apart for about a month prior to last week’s announcement.

"It’s been emotional, for sure," the Bravo personality revealed, noting that she and Schwartz "still live together" and are attempting to handle the situation in a mature way.

So far, they seem to have accomplished that goal.

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“There wasn’t some crazy fight that resulted in this. It was my decision, which was probably the hardest and most painful decision I’ve ever had to make," Maloney continued on her podcast.

"But [it was] the best and only way I can describe it is just waking up and having this voice that just became louder and louder.

“[Also] just events in my life and in our relationship coming into focus and feeling the weight of them on me.”

The Utah native confessed that she try to “deny” the feelings that convinced her to make this drastic life change.

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“I wanted to push them out of my head because I love Tom. We have built a life together, he was my person and I wanted to be with him forever. But ultimately, I just wasn’t happy.

"For a long time, I sat with it. I thought about it and I didn’t talk to anyone about it for a long time.

"I wanted to know, if it was just something else that was making me feel this way [and] that it was coming from a different place.”