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When Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West way back in February of 2021, lots of folks predicted that the situation would turn ugly eventually.

But few expected that things would get this messy!

As you’re probably aware, Kanye is currently in the midst of the biggest and most embarrassing meltdown of his career.

And that’s saying something, because this dude has been putting out more tantrums than songs for like the past five years.

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The latest trigger for Kanye’s erratic behavior is the Kim’s relationship with Pete Davidson.

Again, Kim filed for divorce over a year ago, and the divorce was finalized last month, so Kanye shouldn’t have a problem with the fact that she’s dating.

But trying to explain how adult emotions work to Kanye is like trying to help a toddler understand calculus — one of you is gonna end up crying.

Kanye Gets Silenced

Kanye is so off his rocker these days that he’s been attacking anyone who dares to defend Pete.

On Wednesday, West was banned from Instagram for hurling racial slurs at Trevor Noah after the Daily Show host spoke out in defense of his fellow NYC comic.

Now, Kanye is butting heads with DL Hughley — and he’s learning a hard lesson in why it’s always a bad idea to pick a public fight with a comedian.

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The bad blood started when Hughley was asked about Kanye’s behavior toward Kim during a recent radio interview.

“I think that I’ve watched too many times when things like that happened and a woman or somebody is not believed. And then things escalate,” Hughley said.

“He is stalking her. You can think it’s cute. If it was my daughter, I’d do something about it. I don’t think it’s funny. I think that you can’t write a beat so good that you get to do these things."

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Hughley also joked that Kanye should ease up on Pete, because "threatening the dude that’s f-cking your woman, all he gonna do is f-ck her harder.”

The comments drew a harsh response from Ye, as pretty much everything does these days.

"I used to defend this n–ga back when he had work…. Like nah he funny … you just gotta watch it 1 trillion more times to get it," West wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of DL.

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Pretty weak stuff from a guy who was once considered one of the funniest rappers in hip hop.

Fortunately, DL didn’t miss a beat and clapped back with a series of vicious tweets:

"Kanye do you know how horrible you gotta be to make a #Kardashian date a white man! #TeamDl," Hughley began.

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"Ye is at it again huh?? Welp at least I wasn’t crying on the phone about how big Pete’s Peter is! If you want her back instead acting up why don’t you try doing some d**k ups! #TeamDl," he continued.

At one point in his latest tantrum, Kanye made fun of DL’s fashion sense, writing:

"This grown ass man picked this outfit out himself Is he influential or under the influence???"

"Kanye how dare you talk about the way someone dresses, look at you!! All those people in your head and not one of em got a Macys card?" Hughley replied on Twitter.

"Kanye supposedly has all these goons who will kill for him, but not one of them will get his prescriptions filled?" the comic then asked.

"Kanye ain’t it funny how you can explain my jokes, but not your behavior?"

Kanye West at a Fight

As if all of that weren’t bad enough, Steve Harvey has now entered the fray, and he’s decidedly #TeamDL:

“Pull up, it ain’t what you want. If y’all do get to scrapping, all my cash on D.L., cause you have no idea," Harvey said in an interview on Wednesday.

"You been a lil politically, socially conscious rapper—we from a ass-whoopin’ era. … We from a whole ’nother era."

Steve Harvey on Family Feud

Needless to say, Steve’s not holding back!

Survey says — Kanye is in over his head!