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When Bob Saget passed away in January, the public responded with an outpouring of affection for the comic and sympathy for his loved ones.

As time went on, however, the interest in Saget’s fate took on a darker tone.

Unsatisfied with the explanation that Saget passed away as the result of an unexplained head trauma, amateur sleuths began sifting through the facts in search of answers.

The situation came toa head earlier this week, when photos of Saget’s hotel room were released to the public for the first time,

Saget, Bob

The public’s rabid response brought to mind fans of a true crime podcast who are eager to help solve a cold case and catch a murderer.

But Saget’s death occurred only two months ago, and investigators have already ruled out foul play.

Obviously, this is a tremendously difficult time Bob’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, and his three daughters.

Bob Saget Takes a Seat

And now, they’re sending a message to the many fans who may feel that they would like to assist in the investigation concerning Saget’s cause of death — plase don’t.

On Thursday, family attorney Brian H. Bieber issued a statement on behalf of the Bob’s loved ones.

“The records released tell the entire story — that is — Bob passed away after a fall and hitting his head in his hotel room,” the lawyer said.

Bob Saget, RIP

“Now that the medical examiner’s and police department’s records have been released after their respective thorough investigations, the Saget family would appreciate privacy to mourn in peace.”

The comments echo a statement that Bieber made earlier this month, in which he also stressed that the Saget family considers the matter closed.

“We are pleased this issue has been resolved, and the healing process can continue to move forward,” he noted on March 14.

Bob Saget Pic

“All of the prayers and well-wishes continuously extended to the family are beyond appreciated.”

Fans initially assumed that Saget had been felled by a heart attack or stroke.

When it was revealed that his death was caused by head trauma, millions took the news as their cue to launch a private investigation.

Bob Saget in 2015

But as is so often the case in life, the truth of the situation is no match for the imagination of the conspiracy-minded.

Medical examiners have determined that Saget likely fell out of bed, hit his head on the ground, and died in his sleep later that night.

It was a tragic freak accident, and nothing more.

Kelly Rizzo

There are some who will never be satisfied with that explanation, but we hope they’ll bear in mind that Saget’s grieving widow and three fatherless daughters are uninterested in their wild theories.

“I’ve experienced that now time means nothing and everything at the same time,” Rizzo wrot on Instagram on the two month anniversary of her husband’s death.

“You count the weeks, and the months, they’re strange and surreal milestones. How can it be 2 months without you??" she asked.

Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo

"But also it feels like yesterday you were here – and it still also feels like you never left? I like to say it’s all a very weird new universe. Learning how to navigate it is quite the journey.”

Our thoughts go out to Bob’s loved ones during this incredibly painful time.