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Josh Duggar turns 34 years old today.

He will not be receiving breakfast in bed, however.

He will not be feted by any relatives or presented with any gifts or treated in any way differently than how he’s been treated for approximately the last three months.

You know the reason why, of course:

Josh and Anna Duggar and 2 Kids
Photo via Facebook

Duggar was convicted on December 9 on two charges of child sex abuse.

He was found guilty by a jury of downloading explicit material of children under 12 years old, including some videos of babies getting brutally raped and assaulted.

Ever since this time, the father of seven has been in an Arkansas detention center, having been placed in solitary confinement there because pedophiles are often preyed upon by other inmates.

He will be sentenced (to a possible maximum of 40 years) on April 5, 2022.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar
Photo via Instagram

"I do think he’s staying strong, but anybody is going to struggle through tough times like that," a friend told Fox News this week ahead of Duggar’s birthday, citing how challenging it will be for Josh to wake up all alone on this personal holiday:

"It will be a sad day. Every day is going to be a sad day for him.

"He has children, a wife, he has a family, and he doesn’t get to see them, so his birthday is going to be tough.

"Every day has got to be tough. That’s going to be part of what he has to go through as he goes through this."

Josh and Anna Duggar and Fam

No one is going to shed any tears for someone who has been accused of what Josh has been accused of.

Correction: No one is going to shed any tears for someone who has done what Josh has done; we don’t need any qualifiers after a conviction.

Josh Duggar is guilty of these heinous crimes.

His defense team may be attempting to get this conviction overthrown via a desperate appeal — but unless a judge somehow grants this motion, we can safely and legally refer to Josh as a child sex abuser.

Joshua Duggar Picture
Photo via Instagram

"He’s going to have to count on his faith and also the faith of his family to be there with him, and they will be," this same anonymous source told this same outlet.

Leading the charge of supporters, according to this insider?

Anna Duggar.

Photo via TLC

Anna "loves Josh" and will stick by his side "no matter what," the friend emphasizes, echoing the same sentiment and same reporting we’ve been hearing for nearly a year now.

The mother of seven has made this clear herself on numerous occasions.

While Anna has not issued any sort of real statement in the wake of her husband’s arrest and subsequent conviction, she did update her Instagram page last month.

Including a link to a motion filed by Josh’s legal team at the time, which requested an acquittal or a new trial, Anna wrote there’s "more to the story."

Josh Duggar is a Bad Dad
Photo via Instagram

This strongly implies that Anna — who walked into the courtroom every day of Josh’s trial, holding her spouse’s hand — thinks Josh is innocent.

Concludes the Fox News source:

"I know the family and their faith is what will get them through anything, period. Even if they don’t like what he did or what he was accused and charged with and found guilty of, they’ll always stay by him.

"It doesn’t mean they think it’s ok, but they’re always going to want him to grow and be able to get through it."

"They’re never going to abandon him or anybody in that case."