Travis Scott Busy Clowning Around with Kanye West After Birth of Baby #2

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Kanye West will seem to use any excuse to start pointless feuds with young, talented singers.

His latest target is 20-year-old Billie Eilish, and his excuse is his newfound friendship with Travis Scott.

Kylie's baby daddy has been spending a lot of time with Kim's clownish ex, even though Baby #2 was born just last week.

This toxic bromance could not have come at a worse time.

Travis Scott and Kylie

On Wednesday, February 2, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed Baby #2 into the world.

It's a funny way to prank Stormi, who is now four years old, giving her baby brother a back-to-back birthday with her.

It's cute when you're a kid, but you know that she's going to grow up, realize that this was a choice, and be totally annoyed.

Travis, Kylie, Stormi

But there's something a little more immediate that's causing conflict.

On Monday, February 7, not even a week after the birth of his second child, Travis was out partying.

That's reckless to do in a pandemic when you have a newborn.

Ye at a Fight

Travis' choice in company was arguably even worse, because he was partying with Kanye.

Kanye's persistent clownery has been even worse lately, with him vocally shaming Kim's parenting on social media.

Seeing Travis hanging out with Ye is not exactly encouraging.

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott W Magazine Cover

An inside source spoke to HollywoodLife about how things played out behind the scenes.

“Kylie asked Travis to stay home with her and the kids," the insider shared.

The source specified that this was "after his last outing with Kanye this week."

Kylie, Travis, & Stormi

“He told her that he needed to go out and blow off steam," the insider revealed.

"And," the source added, Travis told her that he is partying in part to "celebrate the birth of his new son."

According to the insider, Kylie was understanding "and she gets that.”

Travis Scott Concert Pic

“Kylie knew he was going out to support Kanye," the source confirmed.

The insider detailed that this is something "which she is on the fence about."

Kanye is a complicated topic, the source explained, "given everything that is going on with Kim and Kanye right now."

Kanye West Puts on a Smile

Kylie is often perceived as having a somewhat reserved personality when compared to, say, the intensity of Kim.

The family momager, the incomparable Kris Jenner, is said to not be fence-sitting on the matter.

According to the report, Kris is understandably Team Kim.

Travis Scott in 2021

The insider reported that Kris "didn't like Travis going out at all."

“If he wants to celebrate the birth of his son," the source conveyed, "he should do that at home with Kylie and his son."

The insider said that this would be safer and wiser "rather than at a club in LA during Covid.”

Kanye West Spins Conspiracy Theories

That is unquestionably true.

“Kris is none too pleased that Travis is spending his free time with Kanye right now," a second source commented.

Ye keeps throwing tantrums on social media because he lacks a filter, and it doesn't reflect well on Travis that he's being all buddy-buddy with him.

Travis Scott in Texas

“Kris wishes he would direct his loyalties at his family," the source noted.

"And," the insider continued, she would like to see Travis "just take a step back and spend more time at home with Kylie and their kids."

Kanye has been showing Travis loyalty, but Travis' first priority should be his family.

Kanye West at a Computer

Kanye has apparently threatened to pull out of Coachella (which is happening despite the pandemic, because there's money to be made).

Why? Because Billie Eilish made a simple comment about being a responsible performer and caring about her audience's safety.

After Travis Scott's Astroworld disaster, this was perceived as "shade" towards him ... and Ye found another opportunity to feud with a more talented singer.

Billie Eilish Yellow Selfie

People are drawing parallels to Kanye's infamous 2009 antics regarding Taylor Swift.

Twitter commentators have suggested that it's only a matter of time before Ye claims that he "made Billie famous" as he has claimed with Taylor.

Perhaps Kanye is the problem, not the talented young women who seem to make him feel threatened.

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